Internship Experience @ Indian Railway, Rail Coach Factory Kapurthala, Punjab: Drafting Work, Reading Case Briefs {S}


Anushri Mondal

National Law University, Assam.

Year-II, IV Semester.


Indian Railway, Rail Coach Factory Kapurthala, Punjab


24th December, 2015 to 27th January, 2016

If you are working in a government organisation then you will have to make a proper mind set as you never think of before” as I was the First law student who has done any internship at the department of law at Rail coach Factory, Kapurthala.
No Interview

The law officer of the organisation was very friendly, helpful and a well educated person with whom I directly met.

He requested  CLA (chief law assistant) of the organisation to assist me about the working of law Department. CLA of the organisation was polite and very kind.

I was given with the work of drafting, reading and various issues regarding the cases related to various departments.

Main tasks 

As the office timing was started at 9, I had to report at 10. I was given with the files what I had to go through the case which I was given.

At the end CLA used to had a discussion related to the case and I was free after having all the discussion related to the cases related to Railways.

Environment of the office 

The office is situated slightly separate from the factory known as administrative block.

Office was very neat and clean.

I was assisted by CLA whose cabin was situated seperately to the office of the Law officer.

All the internships, training are to inform to the Technical Training Centre and some formalities are to be fulfiled which was worst to have talk with the clerks.

The clerks’ behavior was rude but the training officer was very cooperative.

Any kind of information regarding internship was not an easy task with clerks of the centre.


Outsiders might find it difficult to stay.

I am a residential of Rail Coach Factory Kapurthala (Punjab). So there was no problem in staying at that place but students from other places might find it difficult. No such PG’s are available at the nearby places.

First you have to have a communication with the factory officials to ask them for any accommodation.

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