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Internship Experience @ Indian National Bar Association: Online Internship as Assistant Managing Editor

Indian National Bar Association - Novartis Debate Competition 2016
LSAT - Discover Law
LSAT - Discover Law

Ujjaini Chatterji

Symbiosis Law School, Noida

Fourth Year

Internship duration

December 7 2015- June 7 2016 (It is going on)

On a very dull winter break, in the year 2014, while casually scrolling across the lawctopus daily E mail notifications, I had found some information about the INBA-Novartis debate competition from lawctopus, click HERE.

The topic of the debate was, “Patents harm a patient’s health’ and with my intrinsic passion for public speaking, I chose to participate in the same without a thought. Soon, I became one of the eight finalists of the competition and was just an inch away from winning fifty thousand rupees!

I lost the first debate of my life! I consider that debate as my worst performance so far. Yet, INBA did not let me feel like a loser.

My association with INBA began with an instant gain of certain wonderful people like Hon’ble Justice Ajan Kumar Sikri, Judge, Supreme Court of India,  Mr Ranjit Shahani, Vice Chairman, Novartis India, Delegates from the Israel Embassy, KTS Tulsi Sir,Shri M Ramaswamy, Mr Kaviraj Singh and many others.

To put it bluntly, I made some brilliant ‘contacts’ in a span of just one evening.

Needless to say, constant appreciations from such stalwarts, had somewhat lightened my burden of losing. I learnt the art of accepting defeat and INBA and everyone there made it so much easy for me.

I was exposed to addressing a live audience of more than five hundred people and the experience was a victory in itself.  The contacts continue to remain with me as an amazing guide to future internships and INBA opened the gates to my association with the hardcore Legal Fraternity. I felt a part of the family.

On Dec 7, 2015, I was appointed as the Assistant Managing Editor of the Editorial Committee of the Section for Law Students, INBA. Click HERE.

The Application

The Indian National Bar Association Website had announced the call for applications for the editorial committee and I had applied without hesitation. The information was also passed on through the Campus Associates of INBA.

The Indian National Bar Association also conducts an online Internship programme, throughout the year. The detail s of the same can be found HERE.

I had applied for the online internship and fortunately, my sample writing was impressive enough to land me this opportunity as an office bearer of the Indian National Bar Association.

Besides, my previous backgrounds in writing, like winning a couple of essay competitions and maintaining my personal blog helped me get this role.

Contact Details 

I remained constantly in touch with the chair of the Law Student’s section of INBA,  Mr Manuj  Bhradwaj,  +91 7503590342 And Ms Archana Aggarwal +91 9971532995, who kept me constantly updated about upcoming opportunities.

I am presently reporting to Manuj Sir and Ms Isha Tyagi, the Co Chair of the student’s section, INBA (+91 9899325686).

I have repeatedly been offered great chances to have my articles and various works published. Every member of the INBA team have so far, been more supportive than any other internship seniors!

However, the organization is very professional and particular about timely submission of work and the honor of deadlines.

Hard work does not go unnoticed in INBA.  It adds to the possibility of further promotions in the future and a good reputation obviously reaches the knowledge of the top most minds of the profession.

Key Responsibilities

I am a part of a team of three, Two Assistant Managing editors and one Managing editor. Our tasks usually include the editing and writing of reports on various INBA events and certain Government initiatives.

All the writers are given enormous liberty to express themselves and are constantly encouraged by the senior authorities.

Presently, we are working on a newsletter of the INBA initiatives and a brochure on National Law Day celebrations of INBA. As a part of these assignments, we are required to meet members of the Ministry and Shri Ram Jeth Malani ji. And our transportation is arranged by INBA.

Basically, the perks are amazing!

I personally found no disadvantage at all in this internship, considering that it is a work from home opportunity and is very convenient. However, to make this piece sound credible, I must list at least one.

The only disadvantage to this opportunity is perhaps the fact that the position is voluntary and unpaid.

However, the perks exceed this limitation to a large extent. It is a great opportunity to get involved and develop contacts and to land bigger internships. Hence it would be myopic to see this as a mere money making opportunity!

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

Langston Hughes

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