Internship Experience @ Indian Law Partners, Delhi: Dream of becoming a lawyer seems a little closer to reality

Intern Details

Harshita Arora

Amity Law School, Centre-II, Noida.

It was my first corporate law firm internship and now when I reminisce the time that I spent there, all I can say is that, it was a remarkable learning experience and it made that dream of becoming a lawyer seem a little closer to reality.

First Day

My first day at a corporate law firm dressed in black pants and white shirt, ironed to perfection, after all it’s all about that striking first impression. So there I was, waiting in the conference room, nervous and excited, and really wondering what it’s going to be like. I still remember that first day so vividly.

While I was in the conference room, as I had some time to kill, there were a few things that caught my attention. There was a white board in that room and a few bullet points relating to a case were jotted down on it, which at the time I could guess was about a case relating to property.

I could only imagine how the case was discussed and how they reached to that conclusion. I felt an exhilarating enthusiasm. For those 20 seconds I felt like I was living the dream.

As I was the only intern at the time, I was briefed about the kind of work I would be doing.

Then as the day progressed, I got introduced to all the associates and senior associates in the firm and well the first day is going to be about introductions and exploring the place you’ll be spending those next 30 days drenched in plain sweat and hardwork, well not literally sweating but brace yourself to go beyond the textbooks and learning new things every day.

I was given a laptop to work, which was to be submitted at the end of my internship and got assigned to a place which I shared with an associate. I was in a friendly work environment and everyone was always willing to help.

The thing that fascinated me the most were the enormous shelves with volumes of books on law. This was a delight for me as I love to read and there were times when I used to finish my work early and still have some time left, so I would pick up a book which caught my interest and just start reading it.

Though, the life saver of my internship was the coffee machine from CCD. If you’re a coffee lover like me, and you get the best cappuccino while you’re working, that surely is a treat and also, whenever there was an assignment that made me scratch my head, the amazing coffee was like a pacifier.

Another thing that made me feel at ease and in that short time I spent there, that made me know my colleagues a little better was well, lunch.

Everyone in the firm had lunch together and initially I used to feel very uncomfortable and awkward but as the days went by, I used to look forward for it as the lunch table conversations were quite interesting.

Nobody used to talk about work, they were just random conversations about any exciting news, event, or a movie or even about food.

I still remember the conversation about this TV show called Game of Thrones which everyone used to watch and everyone started talking about the character they side with, literally defending the honor and grace of that character, it was hilarious and I myself being a fan of the show, for the first time, contributed to one of those conversations. It made me feel like a lawyer among lawyers.

Working in the Firm

I used to come at 9:30 am sharp in the morning and leave by 5:30 pm in the evening but there were a few days when I used to stay back till 7 when there was work that had to go before the end of that day.

The firm is located at Aradhana in Chanakyapuri which is like a 25 minute drive from my house so I still used to get back home on time.

I mostly did research work and prepared a few notes as well. I got a chance to work with every employee in the firm and I learnt from each one of them. Since I was the only intern, I used to have work every day.

I truly feel that law students should start by interning in a small firm as you get to work more and you learn the little things that probably are expected of you to know and then of course going to work for a top notch firm should be the plan.

I did research relating to transfer of immovable property, functions of L&DO and NDMC, labour law reforms and State specific amendments, and foreign direct investment in the defence sector in India and prepared notes on the short form process for incorporation of a company under the Companies Act, 2013, and the differences between foreign portfolio investment and foreign direct investment.

I also proof read many documents which may seem quite okay in the beginning but it can be a troublesome task if you get buried under a load of documents, and well I had that amazing cup of cappuccino in my favorite red cup at my rescue. It was my shinning red knight.

Having said that, I think internships are very important, they shape up your personality and they let you go beyond the class room experience of law and you get one step closer to the real deal.


My internship experience at Indian Law Partners was wonderful and if my first corporate law firm internship seemed like the best, then I’m sure there is a new defining category coming up for me which is going to be better than best.

But quite honestly, since the day I finished my internship, I’ve been looking forward for the next opportunity to intern, to be in a different firm, with a different set of people, making the most of it and getting myself closer to the dream.

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