Internship Experience @ Indian Law Institute Library, New Delhi: We had the entire library to ourselves


Easha Manchanda


The Indian Law Institute, New Delhi.

Bhagwan Das Rd, India Gate, New Delhi, Delhi- 110001

Since this was a research based internship, there was no team as such apart from the strict librarian and the receptionist! 😛

Application Process

The application process was fairly easy.

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Since this was my first internship as a law student that I had done in my first semester, it wasn’t anything really grand.

I just went to the library of the Indian Law Institute that is located opposite the Supreme Court of India.

I had to give them a recommendation letter from the Head of Institution of my college and also show them my college identity card. And the internship began!

P.S : I recommend to give them a call before you get there to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Also, in case you need to get done with the enrollment process then you’re in for a lot of disappointment my friend!


December 21st, 2013 to December 31st, 2013.

First Day

The library is in a two storied space and full of amazing books, old and new.

There were a lot of relevant journals and magazines there too along with the daily newspapers in different languages and publications.

There are several desks and chairs present there for you to sit and do your work.

As far as my research was concerned, there was not one book that I found missing or irrelevant.

I started my internship on the very same day that I enrolled with them at the library, so it was basically the same thing as far as the formalities go.

Additionally, I had to give them Rs.25 each time I visited the library upon which I received a reciept with my name on it for the same.

(You better save these receipts until the last day of your internship since that’s how they verify if you had attended the library everyday for the entire period of your internship.)

Main tasks

I had selected a particular topic for my research like all other interns there, and we had the entire library to ourselves.

There wasn’t any section there that was out of bounds. All the books were pretty exhaustive and useful.

Also, it was easy to find them since they were placed according to their respective branch of law, that too in alphabetical order. (That’s good news for somebody like me who gets lost while finding my way around too many books!)

Everyone minded their own business as long as you didn’t do anything to bother them in particular.


Since it was a library, maintaining absolute silence was imperative.

However, for very excited first year law students, who are at there very first legal internship, (even though it was only research) it gets a little difficult to comply with that basic, simple rule.

I think that was particularly why the librarian was so strict around us.

As far as the people there are concerned, there were two receptionists, a librarian and a guard.

The co-interns were mostly my fellow college mates and of course, some more law students.

However, its highly likely to find researchers, scholars and professors who are members there.

Best things

For me the best thing was the amazing collection of books at the library.

Also, the Indian Law Institute has its own canteen where you can get pretty decent, hygienic and fairly yummy food at very cheap prices!

And of course that is where we used to hang out during the lunch hour.

Apart from that, since the location is pretty central, and closer by to the metro station, you can possibly hop around the city after working hours.

Bad things

The only bad thing there was that non-members and interns were not allowed to borrow books.

We could only utilise them inside the library premises.


No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

The whole concept of research is successfully shifted from “googling” information to actually going through knowledgeable books to find relevant information.


This whole experience cannot exactly be termed as an “internship” per se, since it did not introduce us to any level of professionalism apart from rigorous research work.

However, it did open up a path for future legal internships.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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