Indian Law Graduate’s Tryst with the Bar Exam

I wrote this on 3rd December, 2017 while writing the All India Bar Exam-XI.

I write this on the last page of question paper while still sitting in the examination hall as almost an hour is still left for my escape.

Before starting to write, I was staring at the trolley bag full of books which I carried inside the hall.

This bag also has also quite an interesting life. It has been my travel companion to all the wonderful places I have visited in the past few years.

From Goa to Sikkim, Mysore, Darjeeling and Gujarat, its fate changed today and it had to do an unusual task of carrying 20-25 bare acts to help me pass the “prestigious Bar Exam” of our country.

Frankly, I do not understand its concept. I believe it will require effort and hard work to not be able to pass it.

You are allowed books and notes inside, it is an easy objective type paper with no negative marking and only 40% marks required to pass.

For that I had to wake up early on the only day of the week I get an off, travel more than 20kms and drag that trolley for the last 700-800m to the centre because of blocked roads due to the sudden commotion on the otherwise secluded place, a walk which was more on soil due to the non-existent road.

Only on reaching there did I realise that I am a part of the crowd and everyone has turned up with their traveling bags giving the illusion to the world that they must be going somewhere for fun.

Once inside the hall, adjusting our trolleys, I was grateful that nobody turned up to sit on my bench leaving me with enough room to spread the Acts.

The quality of questions asked only made me happier that I had not prepared for the exam but at the same time made me wonder as to the purpose of this exam. Completely a waste of day and a mockery of our degrees!

As I write this, now I am concerned as to how on earth am I to find an Uber to get out of this madness with the rush and the non-existent road.

I can only dream of my blanket and a good meal to calm myself down as I watch a movie in my cosy little room and get over this absurdity.

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