India Today magazine has come out with its annual rankings of law schools.

See this page for complete details.
Please don’t take these (or any) rankings to be the ‘bible’ of which law school is good or not.

1. Do independent research (search for recruitment figures on websites like Legally India and Bar and Bench).

2. Talk to the students already studying in the college (Even they might be biased towards their college, so talk to many students).

3. It does NOT matter whether you get a 7th ranked college or a 10th ranked college (as per any rankings under the sun including the rankings which exist in your head). What matters is what you do with the college you get.

I know people in NLSIU and NUJS who wasted 5 years of their life and ended up nowhere and I know people from RMLNLU and Christ Bangalore who are doing great.

PS- An addendum to the 3rd point. Choose the best college you are getting. NLSIU etc. will give you lots of more opportunities than say the lower ranked colleges.

But don’t tear your hair over whether to go to ‘X’ (which is, say, at 11th position) or to ‘Y’ (which is say, at 13th position). That does NOT matter.

india today law school rankings 2014
India Today magazine’s law school rankings 2014

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  1. i am badly confused i still require correct ranking of glc mumbai and ils how amity law school can be above ulsls faculty does not suggest so

  2. Ranking Universities which offer five year law and those which offer three year second degree together is an exercise in academic research as a graduating student looking for a law college and a school leaving student while interested in the same profession are poles apart in their maturity and experience.

  3. This Year two College From GGS Indraprastha University on the list >> That’s Cool 🙂

    1)Amity Law School, Delhi – Rank 11
    2) USSLS, Delhi – Rank 13

    Hoping to see another GGSIPU College

    Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, Delhi >> Next Year on the list

    • In which world are you living in man?
      U seriously think that if there ain’t colleges like NLU Delhi & NUJS in the list, then these rankings are genuine?
      Grow up!!

  4. Jamia Millia Islamia is the best college for B.A. LL.B. We have the best infrastructure and excellent faculty. Also, the culture at jamia cannot be ignored. We carry our lives on our palms(so exciting na!!)

    I miss jamia!!

  5. 1. NLSIU
    2. NALSAR
    3. Law Faculty- Delhi University
    4. NUJS
    5. NLU- J
    6. GNLU
    7. NLIU Bhopal
    8. NLU- Delhi
    9. GLC- Mumbai
    10. Symbiosis Law- Pune

  6. GLC 17th after being ranked 9 across all parametres. It provides the best legal education at an affordable price. The entire infrastructure has improved. Wifi in college, err room, all the new books and journals, professors are there even though most of them are not great but some of them are top class. We have a Moot court room. Amazing placements. This year there are students going to Oxford harvard cambridge and counless of them are going to NYU, LSE etc. It provides the best practical experience.


    • NUJS and NLUD probably opted-out of the rankings.

      India Today also doesn’t rank the ‘new’ colleges so that could be another reason why NLUD didn’t find a place.

  7. Bwhaha….Good one India Today…That 12 BHK infrastructure of Symbi pune has been ranked 4…at least they could have manoeuvred left side of the column.

    • I went to symbi law college.. I was attending some fest… god… They don’t have basic aminities there…. no parking…. worst washrooms ever…. I heard they shifted to a new campus. Hope people could breath there. Else imagine hundreds of students in that 12 bhk flat… lol… and they marked ILS lower than symbi…!!! INDIA TODAY….Janta maaf nehi karegi…..!!!

    • Umm.. I am really sorry but probably you haven’t seen the new campus in which we have shifted to :).
      A much bigger campus than most of the NLUs and that too right in front of the airport. Therefore, i think the 4th rank in infrastructure is quite justified

  8. HAHAHAHAHA !! LOL … Siddharth Mumbai … I cancelled my admission there and Moved to K.C.
    Fun Fact : They only accept their fees in Cash and when I got my refund after the cancellation they gave me a fake Rs. 500 Note (I’d never seen one and was terrified when the book depot across the street pointed it out … had to go all the way back to yell at them and give it back)

  9. India Today: Here’s a list of all the colleges (other than NLS/NALSAR) who agreed to advertise with us/paid us money.

  10. BVP PUNE, ON 14th Lolz…. Fully Paid Rankings after top 10 , India today is no more reliable, even they have given rank to Bangalore institute of Legal Studies , this time they removed KLE law College, but they were giving rank to this college from so many years …..

  11. BVP is not better than RGNUL Patiala..and RGNUL Patiala is not better than GNLU…its NLU Jodhpur and not National law instute Jodhpur and it is better than GNLU, RGNUL is also better than christ university. Symbi does not even deserve to be in the top 8. GLC is better than army institute of law, christ university and maybe RGNUL.
    Key colleges which should have been there: HNLU and RML
    HNLU should have figured in the top 10.

    • Please don’t take these rankings to be the ‘bible’ of which law school is good or not.

      1. Do independent research (search for recruitment figures on websites like Legally India and Bar and Bench).

      2. Talk to the students already studying in the college.

      Be happy 🙂

      • Please post this caveat somewhere within the main text rather than in the comments. It will be of immense help for the students.

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