OUT! India Today’s Law School Rankings 2014: NLSIU is Ranked 1; NUJS Opts Out; GLC Mumbai Slips to 17th Place

India Today magazine has come out with its annual rankings of law schools.

See this page for complete details.
Please don’t take these (or any) rankings to be the ‘bible’ of which law school is good or not.

1. Do independent research (search for recruitment figures on websites like Legally India and Bar and Bench).

2. Talk to the students already studying in the college (Even they might be biased towards their college, so talk to many students).

3. It does NOT matter whether you get a 7th ranked college or a 10th ranked college (as per any rankings under the sun including the rankings which exist in your head). What matters is what you do with the college you get.

I know people in NLSIU and NUJS who wasted 5 years of their life and ended up nowhere and I know people from RMLNLU and Christ Bangalore who are doing great.

PS- An addendum to the 3rd point. Choose the best college you are getting. NLSIU etc. will give you lots of more opportunities than say the lower ranked colleges.

But don’t tear your hair over whether to go to ‘X’ (which is, say, at 11th position) or to ‘Y’ (which is say, at 13th position). That does NOT matter.

india today law school rankings 2014
India Today magazine’s law school rankings 2014


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