Internship Experience @ India Redefined (NGO), Mumbai: Work that gives immense satisfaction

Intern Details

Name – Bhavya Botta

College – Gitam University,Visakhapatnam,

Year of Study – 4th Year, BBA LLb. (hons.)

Duration of the Internship

31st August 2015- January 19th 2016

Internship Details

Mrs. Ranjana Kanti and Mr. Anurag Kanti were the founders of the NGO. Mrs. Ranjana Kanti will be monitoring all of these internee activities. Person from any State and from any nook and corner of the country can be an internee with basic qualifications as in being a student of any stream.

There will be no stipend and one has to work with whatever limited sources he/she can avail. Only criteria to have is a banner of the NGO and the ID cards to the group. This also is not a mandate.

But my suggestion is  having them makes a good representation when we work in public.

However if one wants to work being at Mumbai where the office is situated, I am pretty sure Mrs. Ranjana Kanti would look after the accommodation too. Talking personally to her personally on call helps anyway.

Website: Click HERE.

Email id:

About the Internship

The Internship can be Individual / Group Internship. Group must essentially consist of 5 or more including the group leader. The one who is selected through the selection process will be the “Leader” and the group he forms will be he members. I also made a choice of a group internship.

Time to time details as to which way the internship is going had to be mailed and that as said will be monitored. The Group Leader does all that part usually. I being the group leader was always is constant touch with madam.

It is at the students discretion as to how many months he/she can take up and do justice. That’s the reason why you could find at the beginning a sceptical gap of long months. It can be done for one month too.

“No limits, just a good work that gives immense satisfaction.”


As said earlier there were’t any boundaries and parameters for work. It’s seriously interesting since I clubbed both my friends from my law department and friends from Engineering as a group. This got to form a new atmosphere for me.

Learning Experience

Later there is this gap of a month which is of my fault since I couldn’t gather all of my group members together. Then what do I do? All the work done till now goes in vain if there is no conclusion to it.

Mrs. Ranjana Kanti assigned me with a work of data basing then. It’s a project she is leading and she wanted me to search all the NGO’s around all the States in India in a search engine named “GUIDE STAR” and database them in an excel sheet.

It helps as a backup office database for the project. As data basing many States would be a bit tough I denied the offer as I couldn’t do justice to it since I was struck up with class projects that time, so she cut short my work to four Sates – Punjab, Haryana, New Delhi (NCR) and Jammu and Kashmir.

Trust me the knowledge I obtained from entering the data in the excel format is unbelievable. I got to know what all the Income tax sections that are there for an NGO, on what basis an NGO stands (as a trust or a society). I got to learn what FCRA  registration cis.

Besides a practical outgain I had from working in crowd, this too ended up with a learning advantage.

“Learning is not static, everything you get to know in day-to-day life amounts to learning.”

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