In a Heartbeat…

By Anubhuti Sinha, II Year B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) student at NLSIU, Bangalore.

In a heartbeat a bird sings
As clouds gather in the sky
In a heartbeat the rain pours
As the children gather to play
In a heartbeat a teardrop turns into a smile
As a loved one returns home after a long time
In a heartbeat the sun sets
As the moon and stars light the sky
In a heartbeat a man kills in war
As the thought of his family haunts him
In a heartbeat a woman smiles in pain
As a baby is put in her arms after an ordeal
In a heartbeat a man prays
As he starts losing faith in humanity
In a heartbeat a man cries
As a kinsman or friend sleeps forever
In a heartbeat the sun shines
As the cloud departs
In a heartbeat the chirruping of birds starts
As raindrops stop and a breeze blows
In a heartbeat a life changes
As everything around it becomes alien
In a heartbeat a man puts his faith in humanity
As the world changes yet again.


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