Impress Your Boss This Internship: #MissionDigitisation With VakilSearch’s LIBRA

Have you heard of vakilsearch? Well, it’s the hottest law startup in India which intends to organize the legal services industry in India.

vakilsearch has just launched LIBRA, a legal practice management software which helps lawyers build a better practice.

LIBRA is a lot about technology and here’s where you, as interns, come into the picture!

This winter, wherever you are interning, you have a opportunity to digitize that work-place (lawyer, NGO, law firm, company).

The process is simple: vakilsearch will train you in using LIBRA and you’ll then introduce it in the office where you are interning.

What’s in it for you?

1. By doing this*, you’ll be able to leave a lasting impression on your bosses and colleagues. (They’ll surely remember the intern who introduced them to this cool, new software)

2. By doing this, you’ll be earning an exciting stipend for yourself.

3. And by doing this, you will transform that office in particular, and in the larger context, help the legal industry in India to embrace technology.

Up for it? Sign-up here.

* By doing this successfully; which means that the lawyer(s) should actually buy the product.

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