Important Evidence Law Topics for MP Judiciary


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Criminal Law is an essential part of judiciary examinations. There is no state that doesn’t require expertise in criminal law. And one of the most important subjects of criminal law is Evidence Act.

To help you score better in your next MP Judiciary Examination, we have identified important topics that came in the last four years. Aspirants can start studying these topics directly to get a sense of the examination pattern for evidence law.

Evidence Law Topics for MP Judiciary

Let’s start!

Not sure how to study the Evidence Act from the beginning? Why not follow the expert advice.

MP Judiciary Evidence Topics (2016)

S.No.Important Topics
1Privileged Communications
2Res Gestae (Section 6)
3Primary Evidence
4Expert Opinion
5Electronic agreements
6Dying Declaration (Section 32)
7Burden of Proof
8Hostile Witness
9Confession of accused against co-accused

Important Evidence Law Topics for MP Judiciary (2017)

S.No.Important Topics
1Legal Maxim- Falsus in uno falsus in omnibus
2Conduct of accused (Section-8)
3Discovery of facts (section-27)
4Admissibility of electronic records (65B)
5Court (section 3)
6Judicial Notice
7Facts not proved
8Questions lawful in cross-examination (section 146)
9Leading questions (section 141)
10Judge’s power to put questions or order production (section 165)
11Competent Witness
12Hearsay evidence
13Conclusive proof
14Secondary Evidence

MP Judiciary Evidence Law Topics (2019)

S.No.Important Topics
1Relevancy of facts forming part of the same transaction 
2Substantive value of FIR
3Opinion of Expert (section 45)
4Exception to Hearsay Rule (Section 32 & 33)
5Evidence shall be weighed not counted (Section 134)
6Judge’s power to put questions order production (165)
7Plea of Alibi (Section 11)
8Compelling a person to give his specimen writing will not amount to testimonial compulsion for the purpose of article 20(3) of the Consitution of India (State of Bombay v. Kathikalu )
9Substantive value of non-confessional statement recorded under section 164 of Cr.P.C
10Refreshing memory (section- 159)
11Principle of Resjudicata in Evidence (section 40)
12Statement of relevant fact by a person who is dead or cannot be found etc. is relevant (section 32)
13Dying declaration

MP Judiciary Examination Evidence Topics (2019 phase-II)

S.No.Important Topics
1Fact not proved
2Exceptions of section 27
3Best evidence rule associated section (Section 91)
4Oral Evidence
5Things said or done by conspirator in reference to common design (section 10)
6Dying declaration (section 31(1))
7Public Document
8Section 45 to 51
9Test identification parade
10Consideration of proved confession affecting person making it and others jointly under trial for same offense (section 30)
11Necessity rule as to the admissibility of evidence (section 32)


It is essential to note that from questions on confessions, res-gaste, opinion of an expert, dying declaration especially section 32, and hearsay evidence, are repeating every year. 

Other topics such as the power of a judge to question, leading questions, refreshing memory, electronic records and agreements, primary, oral evidence, etc are also important and keep repeating. It means it is important that you prepare them well.

Learn more about important Constitution topics for your next MP Judiciary Examination.


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