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Important Constitution Topics for Uttarakhand Judicial Services: 5 Years’ Analysis


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Constitutional law plays an important part in clearing the Uttarakhand Judicial Services Exam. A separate section in the examination consists of Constitution questions, GK, and international law. By analyzing the previous years’ questions papers, it is safe to say that at least 10-12 questions are on Constitutional law.

Down below are the important topics that came in the examination in the last five years.

Uttarakhand Judicial Services

Let’s start!

Important Uttarakhand Judicial Services Constitutional Law Topics (2013)

1Commissions under Indian Constitution
2Constitutional Amendments
4Article 19(1) Fundamental Rights
5Zonal Council
6Strengths of Lok Sabha and State Council
7Assemblies in India
8Tenure of Panchayat members
9Balaji Raghwan v. UOI AIR 1996 SC 770
10Article 239B
11Article 371E
12Medha Kotwal Lele v. UOI 2012 SC
13Finance Commission
14Article 261
15Article 338A
16Basic Structure
17Untouchability (Fundamental Rights)

Important Uttarakhand Judicial Services Constitutional Law Topics (2014)

1Appointment of Judges of High Court
2Chairman of Council of States
3Constituent Assembly (history, establishment, constitutional advisor, etc)
4Power to constitute new states
5Carry Forward Rule
6Jurisdictions of Supreme Court
7Reservation in Panchayat for Women
8President of India
9Appointment of Governor
10Preamble of India
11Doctrine of Prospective
12Schedule IX of the Indian Constitution
1397th Amendment Act
14The Doctrine of Constitutional Trust

Important Uttarakhand Judicial Services Constitutional Law Topics (2015)

1Schedule IX Case Laws on Judicial review
2Cooperative Society (Fundamental Rights)
3Article 371-J Amendment
4Article 300
5Directive Principles of State Policy
6Recognition of International Law under the Constitution
7The Indian Constitution
8Houses of Parliament
9Election of President of India
10Constitutional Amendment related to Sikkim
11Term of office of Chief Election
12Commissioner of India
13Shreya Singhal v. UOI
14Keshavnanda Bharti case

Important Uttarakhand Judicial Services Constitutional Law Topics (2018)

1The Preamble of the Indian Constitution
2Parliament (Session, no. of Ministers and related amendments)
3President of India (powers and elections)
4Fundamental Duties
5Supreme Court (appointment, removal, etc)
7Right to Privacy as Fundamental Right
8Vishaka v. State of Rajasthan (Sexual Harassment Guidelines)

Important Uttarakhand Judicial Services Constitutional Law Topics (2019)

1Landmark judgment of the Basic sturcutre doctrine
2Fundamental Duties
3Amendment related with reservation of seats in the educational institute for economically weaker section
4Reservation of seats for women in Panchayat under the Indian Constitution
5Total articles under Indian Constitution
8Sixth Schedule
9High Court
10The procedure established by Law (Article 21)
11Proclamation of emergency
12Tenure of UPSC members


Any Uttarakhand aspirant would know that in Part-A of the Uttarakhand Judicial Services Examination, a good number of questions are from the Constitution. Apart from the Articles and historical facts of the Indian Constitution, landmark judgments of the previous and present years, legal developments, amendments, and enactments are also important.

Topics like the Preamble, Constitutional History, Supreme Court, Parliament, Fundamental Duties, and Fundamental Rights are some topics that repeat every year.

To ease yourself a little, start by studying these topics first. It will help boost your confidence. Aspirants can use the previous years’ questions papers as mock tests.

Good luck!


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