Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition 2019 by ILSA [Washington, USA]: Last Date to Register!

ILSA Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition 2019

The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition is presented annually by the Executive Director of the International Law Students Association located at Washington D.C, USA.

Structure of the Competition

The Competition consists of two levels: (1) Qualifying Rounds, and (2) the International Rounds. Qualifying Rounds are held in each nation or region where more than one Team participates in the Competition. The International Rounds, designated as the White & Case International Rounds, represent the final level of the Competition, and includes Preliminary Rounds, Advanced Rounds, and the World Championship Jessup Cup Round. Each level of the Competition consists of written pleadings (Memorials) and oral pleadings (Oral Rounds).

  1. All educational institutions offering a degree in law or in a field related to international law are eligible to participate in the Competition. All determinations of eligibility are in the discretion of the Executive Director.In exceptional cases, the Executive Director, in consultation with the relevant Administrator, may grant eligibility to institutions with degree programs in international relations, provided that adequate instruction in international law will be available to all members of the Team.
  2. Each institution may enter one Team, regardless of the number of colleges, departments, faculties, or schools within that institution, and the Team may include students from one or more of its colleges, departments, faculties, or schools (for example, by allowing a student in an international relations program to compete on the Team with students from its law faculty). However, a duly authorized officer of an institution may petition the Executive Director, in writing and prior to the start of the Competition Year, to allow participation of more than one team from that institution.
Team Composition

A Team may be composed of two to five Team Members who shall be the only individuals contributing to the work product of the Team over the course of the Competition Year. Substitutions of Team Members must be made in accordance with the rules mentioned in the official notification below.

Team Member Eligibility

A person may be a Team Member if he or she:

  • is pursuing a law degree, an international law-related degree, or an international relations-related degree where the Executive Director has given permission in accordance with Official Rule 2.1(a); and
  • intends to compete on behalf of an eligible institution at which he or she is enrolled as a full-time or part-time student as of (i) the Team Member registration deadline, (ii) the institution’s Qualifying Rounds, or (iii) the International Rounds; and
  • has not, after having graduated from any type of law degree program, either (i) engaged in the practice of law, or (ii) engaged in any paid or unpaid activity (outside of degree studies) which would give the student an undue advantage in any aspect of the Competition over students who have not yet completed their first law degree, and the opinion of the Executive Director on either issue shall be final; and
  • has never participated as judge, either of Memorials or in any Oral Round, at any level of the Jessup Competition.
Team Registration

Each Team must register with the Executive Office by completing a registration form online at this page and paying the appropriate registration fee by November 16, 2018.

Each Team must provide a valid email address at registration. Notice sent to the registered email address constitutes notice to all Team Members.

Waiver of Registration Fee
  1. Teams unable to pay in full the registration fee levied pursuant to Rule 3.1(a) may apply for a waiver or discount from the Executive Office, which the Executive Office may grant in exceptional circumstances. Qualifying Round Administrators do not have authority to grant waivers or discounts of registration fees levied pursuant to Rule 3.1(a). Requests for waivers must be submitted to the Executive Office at by the deadline noted in the Official Schedule.
  2. Any request for a waiver or discount of a fee levied pursuant to Rule 3.1(c) should be addressed to the Qualifying Competition Administrator in the first instance. Any appeal from a decision taken by the Qualifying Competition Administrator should be addressed to the Executive Director.


For official notification, click here and click here for official website. 


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