The Lifelessness of ILS Pune: 3 Suicides and not a Minute of Silence and 7 Other ILS’ Realities [READER’S BLOG]


Note: This is a reader’s blog.

Much has been written and spoken about ILS Law College, Pune, and its degrading standards.

As a recent graduate, I have my own share of reflections on it, which, for the most part I had suppressed and not addressed for the longest time. Perhaps it was because I was trying to save my face from myself, having been a student here.

But I have reached a point where I feel extremely guilt ridden if I don’t put into words about what exactly goes on in this institution. So here is my version.

I did not get into one of the top NLUs when I wrote CLAT and was thoroughly disappointed. But unnaturally high CBSE marks enabled me to secure a seat at ILS Pune and I was ecstatic.

I came to college with a raring enthusiasm to learn the law and nothing could stop me. I was positive and very eager. But the following five years completely shattered any dreg of positivity that I came to college with, the first time.

Allow me to enumerate why, for easier reading:

1. Poor academics at ILS Pune

Law subjects are not a proper part of the curriculum till the third year.

Vast subjects like Constitutional Law, CPC, CrPC are crammed into a one semester each.

There is no form of internal assessment whatsoever, except for a dubious system of conducting ‘tutorials’ at the end of each semester where students are basically expected to fill out a couple of sides on one or two questions of each subject. These are not evaluated or anything, it is suspected that they are used in the winters for bonfire.

There happens one examination at the end of each semester, 100 marks papers, of 6-7 subjective questions of 16-20 marks each.

It is popularly believed that they are marked according to the number of pages you fill in. But the safer bet is to just pray really hard that you scrape a 60 percent somehow.

2. Revaluation

If you are not satisfied with the dismal marks randomly dished out to you, you still have an alternative called ‘revaluation’.

This basically means that you pay an exorbitant amount of money to the university to ‘re-correct’ your paper, and there’s a chance your marks might increase. Though mostly they don’t.

3. Faculty

It’s true that we have had some truly remarkable professors, whose classes have been a joy to attend.

However, there are equally, if not more, professors who can barely string a sentence in English correctly, let alone teach law.

There are also some who take out personal vengeance on students when they ask actual questions of law that might test their grasp over the subjects they teach.

And of course, excessive partiality reigns supreme.

Editor’s note: The above is true for most of the colleges in India.

4. Canteen

The college canteen might be the most unhygienic place I have seen in Pune. The kitchen is rat infested, food is disgusting and insanely overpriced, and the staff is rude and impolite.

This is coming from someone who has encountered dead wasps in my fried rice, onion peels and stones in my poha and almost always had an argument with the counter guy over giving me stupid toffees for change.

And the guy with the long pinky nail who served the vada pav, and was occasionally seen scooping out earwax with the same finger, still gives me shudders.

insipid ils pune
ILS Pune=Insipid

5. Inadequate hostel facilities at ILS Pune

I have never stayed in the college hostel, and the reason is because the college hostel can barely accommodate 1/4th of its total student population.

As a result of which, most of the students stay scattered in the area in PGs. This doesn’t seem like a big problem on the face of it, but it is, I’ll tell you why.

There is absolutely no solidarity among the students.

Because of the scant class hours (3-4 hours a day), and the fact that the students don’t stay together on campus, we are a very disjointed mass of students, divided into small cliques. And it is so sad, that a lot of us graduate without even knowing the names of all of our classmates.

Unless you are a social outgoing personality, it is very difficult to make friends here, and the loneliness can drive you into depression. Especially, with all the free time, it can pull you down a lot.

Additionally, since we barely get to interact with our seniors and juniors, there is almost no form of guidance to be received and given.

You just plunder on, without any form of mentoring, and believe me; it seriously disadvantages your growth as a student, as a professional and a person.

6. Diplomas etc.

People talk a lot about the various diplomas that ILS offers, and how you can choose to learn more of any field of law you want to.

I have undertaken two such courses from college and I assure you, it is a load of faff.

Classes are cancelled a lot; they are uninspiring, highly soporific and mind numbing. In short, pretty useless.

7. Placements at ILS Pune

This year, (2014-15) only AZB came to recruit among law firms. And a few corporate houses and banks. A lot of the students don’t sit for placements, the above facts should make you understand why.

The placement cell is run by stubborn archaic minded professors, and the administration does not budge an inch when students try to take it upon themselves to inject some life into the dying animal that is ILS placements.

The placements, in short, are completely pathetic and leave numerous students stranded without jobs after graduation.

And as far as internships are concerned, you are pretty much on your own.

8. Insipidity

In my five years of college, at different points, three students have committed suicide, but there was not even a minute of silence held for any of these occasions.

The most horrible aspect of ILS, according to me. NO ONE CARES. Not professors, not students. About anything at all.

People continue to pay money and get papers re-evaluated, continue to drool through utterly unengaging lectures, continue to tolerate the complete lack of any form of intellectual stimulation without a flinch. And I am equally guilty of this. You might say, why didn’t you try and voice it, why didn’t you make your grievances heard.

A handful of students, now and then, try to make some kind of point by trying to collectively be heard. But like I said, no one cares, and a voice or two can and always is easily ignored.

The entire effort is completely wasted if you alone try to challenge something and over time it kills any zeal of even trying to bring a change. You just accept the institution for the shit hole it is.

In my five years of college, at different points, three students have committed suicide, but there was not even a minute of silence held for any of these occasions.

There was no conversation about it.

All of this was just completely swept under the carpet. Like dead bugs. And ILS has the audacity to call itself an institution of law.


I understand that law school is a journey of discovery more than anything else. Of growth and learning. None of which happens at ILS.

It might boast of resources, but does absolutely nothing to facilitate intellectual growth, or discussion, apart from some namesake college cells, which die out too, once the proactive students pass out.

Also, this is just my version. An average, not very social individual, who utterly fails to suck up to professors who can give me that enviable international law moot, or give good marks in my only ever class moot (lone practical activity of the five years).

But, as far as the defeated sense of frustration that ILS Pune makes you go through, I am sure I speak for many.

People might question why I chose to write this anonymously. It is not because I am hesitant of debate, it is just because I am ashamed to associate myself with this place.

The rest is up to the reader to infer.

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Note: This is a reader’s blog.

We urge other readers to write about their colleges and send the write-ups to 

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  1. It’s funny how so many of you are being ignorant. ILS WAS good but tbh it’s pretty shite now. Mr. Samar Srivastava (works for Amarchand and Mangaldas) who is a friend of my father also he is one of the main reason I opted for Law as a career even advised me to go for GNLU rather than ILS (ironically he is an ILS graduate but did his LLM from NLSIU). I can’t say anything about infrastructure but what I can confirm is the curriculum is disastrous and the placement is not upto mark, SLS right now is definitely head and shoulders above ILS, Pune. If you can afford SLS or JGLS even ALS then I would recommend you to go there if you want a good curriculum w/ amazing placement cell. If I could have afforded the fees of JGLS I would have joined them in a heartbeat. But considering I am from northern I decided to go for GNLU rather than SLS, Pune. P.S I suggest don’t go to ILS if you’re looking to go into corporate law.

  2. In simple words, say if XYZ female wears a 34C bra, the writer claims that the same wears a 36DD.
    I am amazed at how you complain about the absence of interaction between junior and senior, perhaps you never made an effort and just sat sulking around a corner waiting for a senior to come approach you. Your batch, love, has turned outto be very helpful to all us juniors.
    As far as Praneeth’s death is concerned, I don’t understand how a minute of silence is relevant, his death was acknowledged and his presence will be missed, that is what matters at the end of the day.
    And calm your […], love, I will pray you placed someday sometime.
    God Bless You

    1. What’s with all the mammary references? And sure, absolutely ignoring a suicide on the premises of an institution TOTALLY solves everything. Just quoting Dante here, for your sake: “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” ‘Minute of silence’ is being used as a metaphor, baby. Go, read your Wren and Martin instead of fantasising bra cup sizes.

  3. Firstly, kudos to the writer for writing this article. You have not only highlighted alot of relevant issues that need immediate attention by the Authorities but have also shown your will power to stay on in such an Institute, inpsite of having the option to drop out.
    Secondly, all those graduates who are defending the institute are doing it out of nostalgia. When you are a part of the grind, you hate it but the moment you make it out, you look down upon the ones suffering. Or like the Indians who go abroad to make it out of this “shithole” and keep reminiscing about how good India is/was and become even more Indian.
    Thirdly, I think the 2 most important issues that need to be looked at are:
    a. Faculty
    b. Placements
    The Faculty has deteriorated in the 4 years that I have been here and it is sad but other than giving the Principal Rs. 25 crore for an autonomous university, you do not have an option. You have to absorb as much as you can from the great teachers that are there and the rest is pretty much upto you. Yes, we expected a great law school experience and imagined life to be great like in Suits once we graduate, but lets face it, it ain’t happening. Not unless you take initiative and get what you want. Since, the writer is clearly isn’t in a position to avail this option, bite down and work hard for the next few years under an advocate and hope you can make it out of the grind. And with God’s grace you may make it to Berkeley or Cambridge at a later stage like all the ass lickers and teacher’s pets.
    As far as the placements are concerned, yes they suck. They aren’t even close to what they other Law colleges get and it hits harder than you expect. But given the limited resources which is available to our seasoned Placement cell coordinator, she is doing as much as she can. That being said, I believe that ILS has a name only because of its students and alumni. I think we should try to adopt the model for Placements as is used by IIMs and NLS, where the students coordinate with Alumni and help the aspirants get placed in those firms. This ensures that more firms come to ILS plus there is a lesser burden on the co-ordinator. There has to be a stronger student involvement for this to happen, just as for any activity in this college. We cannot slack and expect others to do things for us!
    Lastly, dear graduate my heart goes out to you! But that’s all that anyone can do. Sit tight and wish upon a shooting star or whatever/whomever it is that you believe in and try to get a job 🙂

  4. Please learn to respect – your teachers, seniors, knowledge (more or little). Guys we entered this college knowing nothing about the subjects and we left knowing so much. I agree exams werent that great to test us, or hostels werent sufficient. But you can always find mistakes in every place be it college or school or office.
    If you couldn’t interact with teachers, its your fault not teacher’s fault. Even I did not , but I would blame my personality and not them.
    Stop complaining keep studying keep learning keep working. You learnt something there thats most important.
    ANd canteen, cummon we all eat at dhabas, tapris, those panipuris and every tasty thing which might not be very hygienic, atleast at my time, food was goood, n i still miss that food there. Your bad luck if its bad now.
    If I knew how to draft memorials, thanx to seniors who conducted workshops for us.
    Whatever, try and be happy with what you got & learnt, instead of literally abusing college in public.

  5. Enough discussed and enough criticized.stop criticizing and start reacting.if you think ils is that bad of a place so be it. If you think ils has wasted your 5 years so sorry for that.
    Now that you alumni has law degrees and some of you have jobs also you can now at least help you juniors so that they don’t regret of their choice like you all (by help I don’t mean to write a post on social website). Together ils alumni can run a network like other colleges and help the current students in getting internships (because not all of us has solid contacts). Now when you have your degrees you can go to the administration and tell them your complaints. I am sure principal joshi or some one from the faculty will listen to you.
    To conclude stop being a arm chair critique and start doing something for the juniors batches.
    writing a post is no solution to the problems.Together current students and alumni can make ils a better place.
    Please Start reacting and stop criticizing

    1. Current student, why don’t you lead by example? And if I am aware, a page on careers was recently started by a recent alumnus on Facebook to engage alumni to create a repository of jobs and internships. So, please check up before commenting.

      1. Dear sir I am aware and also a part of that page and it is indeed a welcoming step taken by the alumini.rather than charging on me why don’t you suggest what current ils students can do so that things can become better at ils.sir I don’t mean to defame anyone but only criticzing wouldn’t make any difference or people are discussing tommorow they will forget.what I am trying to say is alumini and current students should deliberate and discuss what can be done.I am ready to play my part in the process. it is not about me or you it is about everyone studying or at some point of time was at ILS

        1. I am glad that you are responding to this positively, and not being belligerent like a lot of the commentators below. Me and a lot of my fellow batchmates, seniors and juniors are trying to do something to change the dead situation of ILS. But, no amount of our efforts will lead to any result unless we have institutional support or even acknowledgment. On so many occasions, student grievances are just cast aside like a pile of garbage.

          I think this article is healthy and is encouraging debate and questions which we so easily tend to cover up to save repute, and I think this is definitely necessary. And clearly, the deafness with which our efforts have been treated has lead to this public (albeit, deserving) shaming.

          I hope the administration wakes up and takes this positively and takes proactive measures to change things. Good luck to you.

  6. It’s truly quite shocking to see the number of people who have turned up in hordes to defend ILS’s virtue and what better way to do that than to defame and demoralize the lone voice who is actually (finally) setting some things straight about our famed institution. Every aspect of ILS talked about in this post by the writer (which they have clearly mentioned is their own personal opinion) is the absolute, split wide open truth. This is ILS, the long and the short of it. If you happen to be one those people who miraculously get marks and are put on a pedestal by teachers and batch-mates alike for their general awesomeness and unbelievable knack for a**-licking (excuse the language, my indignation really has no words), then of course you will do what most people here are doing : bend over backwards trying to defend practices that should long have been driven out of an institution of law. If not, then you see the truth in it, in this humble attempt at being a warning for future generations of state toppers destined to go through the same mind-numbing routine, that gives nothing in return, for five years of their precious lives, and you support this brave piece of writing that doesn’t flinch before pointing out the flaws in the great facade. These flaws need to be pointed out. These mistakes need to be remedied. However, if this is the general reaction to any change or even a suggestion of change, then I fear ILS is not getting better any time in the near future.

    What is quite frankly terrifying to me about the majority of comments here is the ease with which we are willing to blindside problems, of a very serious nature, for the sake of “honour” of the college and our apparent “loyalty” to it. If you are truly loyal towards something you will not hesitate to point out the flaws. Identifying a problem is the first step towards solving it. I can only hope that the next generation of starry-eyed kids who walk on the hallowed ground of ILS bring about a positive change in the way things are done there. Would probably help if they weren’t quite so pigheaded and mulish about honouring traditions as most of my co-commentators seem to be.

    Change needs to be encouraged not squashed under heavy-handed pseudo morality.

    Bravo, whoever wrote this, for bringing the lifelessness to light.

  7. Dear Author,

    You should remember to read the prospects before you enroll in any College. I believe whatever is quoted therein has been truly fulfilled.

    I have come across at least a couple of students who drop out after first year or 3rd year (after acquiring the BSL degree). I wonder why you did not choose to opt out ? given your dissatisfaction in the Institute

    Perhaps you too at some point agree to the bright and ‘heritage law school’ status that ILS enjoys .

    Spending time after lectures in the college and reading all the notice boards would have not put you in such a situation. There is always time for extra quality reading @ILS which would enrich your skills- we have one of the best law libraries in India

    LL.M from England or US would be just a cake walk for students from ILS as we are never spoon fed and had to do our studies diligently.

    During my years in ILS too a couple of students died in an accident and the faculty was right there at the hospital consoling the parents. (Its hard to believe that the faculty did not bother)

    I think your interpretation of the whole issue is based on some negatively exaggerated version which few students popularize.

    1. Please do not throw around your assumptions without getting your facts right. The ILS Prospectus is the biggest prank played on prospective students. An age old library is not representative of the whole curriculum, by the way, just to broaden your perspective.

      And a college not responding to a suicide WITHIN THE CAMPUS is nothing but unacceptable. It is people like you licking wounds of a dying place and conning the world who need some proper lambasting. Shame on you.

      1. Dear disgusted,

        Your batch mates have a different view about ILS RESPONSE TO THOSE SUICIDES..

        some have mentioned below about the mourning at the jam packed hall

    2. BSL is a degree that doesn’t have any value. I tried to opt out but was told that it’s not really a degree that is recognised so had to return.

      1. Dear bsldegree,

        Please do not comment on the value of the BSL degree as many have got through prestigious MBA institutions with this BSL degree and of course by cracking those aptitude tests

  8. Haha, the levels to which people try to defend the place where they come from, wow. I am sure all of you saying that ILS is a temple of knowledge have worked really hard and gotten to where you are, and kudos to you guys. But please don’t try to justify the inane and disgusting indifference that ILS has towards providing any kind of opportunities/facilities to the students SOLELY by your individual efforts.

    I have taken diplomas here, and yes they are shit.

    One law firm came this time. ONE.

    Ship says, “ILS has nowhere promised or represented that its canteen is hygienic and overpriced. It has also not forced you to grace the canteen with your presence.” WOW. Quite the justification, eh? Something is wrong, just turn a blind eye to it. You’ll make an amazing, lawyer , bro.

    Raghuram Aruva, your ass kissing is not going to get a job, man. Sorry to burst your bubble. The Placement co-ordinator gives two shits about you.

    Basically, all the facts of the article are true, and just because you don’t want to taint your profile by going/having gone here, and hence would very stupidly bash the article, does nothing to change them.

    Swallow the bitter pill, desperate defenders of ILS.

    1. Dear underdog, showing respect towards the college may not give me a job, but what college has given me is the strength and confidence to get any job anywhere.

  9. Blaming is a good way of hiding your incapabilities..if u were so dissatisfied with ILS and its environment, you had an option of joining a “good” institution of law complying with your standards after third year…but because of lack intellectual capacity in legal aspect such students fail to clear the entrance test and choose to stay back in ILS as it is one of the reputed institution of law and dnt wanna leave it either..and later on go on to blame this institution itself…the problem is not with ILS… the problem is with these kind of ignorant student who because of their own incapabilities fails to make best use of the services offered by the institution and later on go on to defame the college on public forum…And last but not the least..its ILS and not u who should be ashamed to have been associated with you…#respect the institution who made you an advocate#

    1. LOL. Join another institution after your third year. Good joke, man. And waste another year, and go around with an unrecognised “BSL degree”? Which institute of repute will take someone like that? Please be realistic. And why should the author have done it anyway, what is their fault they realised they landed in a shit place that has for so long been sugarcoated and covered up as ‘reputable’? If anything, have the balls to not be blind to issues which need to be addressed SERIOUSLY. And respect needs to be earned, not imposed. And your appalling grammar definitely lost mine.

  10. A little bit of truth, lots of exaggeration! I would be incorrect to say that my college is a great institution in terms of infrastructure and few other aspects, but I would be proud to say that this institution had given me all that I wanted. The knowledge, the inspiration, the passion, a good library (good enough that a person won’t accomplish reading during his five years), highly educated, approachable and more importantly, very motivating lecturers, respectful and great seniors who guided us, loving and adorable juniors, highly competitive batch mates, a wonderful healthy competition, Adequate accommodation infrastructure. ILS does not have control over its curriculum, it did not compel its students to pursue diploma courses, it does not compel its students to pay for hostel fees on a mandatory basis. Everything in ILS is optional except the 75% attendance requirement. Joining ILS itself is an option that you had, which the respectful author chose to! I purposely do not intend to respond in detail to the article posted herein. I have cut short my response by one-fourth to avoid unnecessary debates. As much as I know, I believe and have been associated with this pioneer institution, its members and everyone attached to it, this article would not stand good and does not factually reflect a whole lot of its contents. It purely intends to insinuate the college in a public forum which is not acceptable. This publication emphasize the utmost carelessness in publishing untruthful, unjustifiable, fictitious and defamatory contents which all of us protest and oppose with remonstrance! All and everything has been said by all others commencing from my senior Nandan’s post which I re-iterate.

    1. Save it Deepakar.
      Good library? Do you know what a good library means in today’s world? It means books, crucial books that are not hidden away in the librarian’s office so that one has to plead with her in order to gain access.
      Good library means access to digital resources which is what any remotely decent institution provides to its students today because that is how majority of the research happens nowadays.
      Good library entails clean shelves instead of dusty, moth-eaten books you cannot use without getting an allergy.

      As for the choice of joining ILS: Most of us joined it because we believed or rather were fooled by its facade of reputation, thoroughly misled by online sources leading us to believe that this was as good an institution as any. Yes, ILS forces nothing on us. It promises NOTHING to us. Not even repairs in the ladies’ bathroom. But that is precisely the problem. A lot of us who’ve spoken out against the place have a decent number of achievements to our credit, all of which came DESPITE and not because of ILS. They came because we were determined to prove ourselves. Some wanted to make sure they were at par with students from the top law schools and that CLAT (an incredibly flawed exam) did not define their intellect or their ability to succeed. A lot of us however, were left frustrated nevertheless with the feeling that what we had constituted a hollow degree at best and a complete fraud at worst.

  11. Some advice to the writer of this article –

    1. Be grateful to the institution that has imparted some knowledge to you & to those who have helped you become a ‘qualified lawyer’ instead of complaining.

    2. Be grounded – suggestions are always welcome but not negativity.

    3. In regards to some professors not speaking English as per your standards – that does not reduce their subject proficiency and you being an Indian should be okay with Hindi.

    4. Please be optimistic – if you can list out the negative aspects, also mention the good points including the fact that ILS Law College has one of best law libraries in the country. It certainly is not a badly stocked library and for the person that commented so above – the least a student can do is make some efforts for finding a book. Don’t have a biased approach!

    1. Oh my god! i cannot believe you said that being an Indian you should be ok with Hindi. I believe the medium of instruction in ILS as prescribed by Pune University is English. A professor in an ENGLISH medium college needs to be able to communicate in English. String together legal terms and such in English so that a student understands the subject in the language they will appear in the exams. I could go on about how severely flawed your Nationalistic view-point is but i guess you catch my drift.
      And even if ILS has a huge collection of books, why is the infrastructure and the management in such pathetic condition? In an age where colleges are bending over backwards to provide students with state-of-art facilities, why does a premier institution offer it’s students only a dust laden remains of an ancient library?
      Why is negativity not welcome? And if negativity is not welcome, why does an institution like ILS dish it out in such monumental proportions?

  12. It’s true. The shit hole totally resonated with me. The institution is only that. A few personal experiences with some people can dish out pleasant memories and success (actively motivated through inner discipline) in any context. One also forgot the point of a badly stocked library and grossly inadequate timings besides not to mention the hiccups of photocopying and finding books. Well today, I could only laugh at all this.

  13. So you chose ILS because you could not get a good score in CLAT; since the lectures were only for 3-4 hours, you had the time to read and work more than any other student of any other law college but instead you chose to misuse the whole day for 5 years. You could not handle the pressure of law after 3rd year; Instead of using the faculty to your advantage you approached them with a negative and stubborn pov and lost what you could have gained. Being in isolation yourself you did not realize how close students are with each other and what the term ‘batch unity’ means.

    ILS is known for producing many fine litigators and putting an anonymous article like this on Facebook or online magazine is nothing but an act of shame, coward and pathetically negative attitude towards a fine institution. Why not come out and face the world. Scared of getting slammed? Scared of not being able to handle the debate and pressure and bring back memories of 3rd year? With its good and bad, ILS is a really good Institution and you failed to see what it really is and what it can do for its students.

    Please realize that after a certain point, the name of the college stops making a difference and it is the responsibility of the student to take the initiative that takes him/her forward. Hope you have a good life, if you can manage to get out of the negative ‘shit hole’ that you are in.

  14. Dear Writer,
    I understand that your 5 years of Law school was equal to that of hell. But what pains me more is that fact that you’re a recent graduate like I am and that makes you my batchmate. So that’s why from one to one, I would like to decode all your points.
    1. Poor Academics
    Well if you had read the degree we get, it is called B.S.L, i.e, Bachelor of Socio Legal Sciences, and you are supposed to know the humanities subject to some extent. The first year you are given a comparatively less pressure which is ideal for the students to pursue their “Guilt-free” CLAT again, join volunteering groups or assist the seniors in their moots.
    There’s no end in learning. This is a college where no one spoonfeeds you, it’s a place where you have to work hard to make your own mark.
    You should also remember that our College is affiliated to PU, so their archaic model is bound to effect us too. But it is never like that. I have seen my friends (excessively intelligent) to score amazing marks every time in their sem exams. And that “filling pages” rant is not at all valid.
    We have an amazingly renovated library with amazing books. I hope you didn’t really sat down and read any of the books there. Also, just asking, would you being taught tremendously amazing law subjects had made any difference to the rest 4 years of your law school??
    2. Revaluation
    Again, that’s an archaic model of PU which we have no chance but to follow. Our grants get sabotaged most of the time and if you had been vigilant enough then our institution is moving towards being an autonomous body.
    3. Faculty
    We always had the option of ignoring their lectures. Remember? And we had such wonderful discussions in the class. Debates over topics and more than that you should be happy that our friends also taught us more.
    Partiality is everywhere. You’re telling me that you never were a teacher’s pet in school? If you weren’t then you do have a problem of being jealous of people around you.
    If you had encountered such fleas in your food, no one told you to eat again in that canteen. I used to hate the food there too. But those people were sweet enough to give you extra things too. And they weren’t rude. They are rude only when you show your arrogance. A smile in the morning used to do the trick always. “Try smiling more”.
    5. Inadequate Hostel Facilities
    Our college never anticipated the amount of girl students some 30 years back so they just had 1 ladies hostel well equipped with decent facilities. When they realised the need for one more, they did convert one of the boys hostels. May be not their best judgments, but they did think of our problems.
    If you see, most of the colleges which are right in the middle of the city doesn’t really have a hostel facility. GLC, Symbiosis etc. It’s only those out campuses which gives you hostel. Think about the place where it is situated and then rant away to glory, Mx.
    People scattered around the college and don’t want to assocciate is their problem and their choice. I mean even if we had free time after college, we used to hang out together. And let me tell you, I had the biggest group of friends around not because I am a socialite, but I thought chilling after college was the thing we should do.
    “No one told you to go sleep after college”. We were pretty packed up the whole day if you had or even tried to get involved in the college activities. Because in ILS we love people who work, volunteer and helps. Because that’s how you learn things.
    In my 1st and 2nd year, I volunteered for almost everything. By the end of my fifth year I knew everything about the college. You need to make rapports. And that’s what lawyers are for. Being vocal and easily approchable.

    No guidance from seniors? What are you saying? I guess where I am is all because of those approchable seniors that we used to speak to whenever we had problem and even in my 5th year, my friends made it a point to guide every junior who had approched us.
    We made such amazing cells catering to various laws and it was completely open to everyone who were interested in learning and doing things differently.

    Tell me one diploma which you did from any other college where you got amazing teachers and most importanty you attended every day.
    Listen, blaming people is very easy when you’re angry.
    Our batch still got placed with good packages. My hardworking batchmates got PPOs with reputed law firms. That is because they fought their depression, was driven by the feeling of something to do and worked harder everyday.
    8. Insipidity
    That’s definitely wrong that no one cares. We are humans, so we do care. We were united in those situations when those souls left us suddenly. As my friend above said, we did discuss this matter extensively. Had a session where everyone came forward and spoke.
    I remember when I was battling depression and frustration, my teachers came, helped me and guided me. Not because I was their pet but because when they come to college, they treat us like their own children. They scold us so that we can face the real world which is much more depressing than ever.

    I am really very sorry that you had a horrible law school experience. But ranting out about this and misguiding a lot of people is very easy and harmful.
    You were here for 5 years. Show some respect if not loyalty.

    Another Frustrated Soul yet SAVED!

  15. I don’t really understand why students (pass outs or Current) are criticizing the college again and again on a social forum this is 2nd post in span of 6 months shameful!!
    i totally disagree that no heed was ever paid to suicides. Respected sir/Ma’am i guess when the first two suicides happened you were not there in the college. Principal Pandit Auditorium (for your reference Hall no-5) was jam pact with students and teachers for prayer meetings. i guess you are not aware of the fact that College did arrange counselling sessions in collaboration with a local NGO for current students.
    Regarding the Cells and societies: Cells are actively functioning in college please there is no need to blame them if you don’t go for the regular sessions and activities.Every day some cell or the other conduct sessions and now it is Upon you to walk to lakshmi Building and attend them.If you have any sort of grievance against the cells and societies go speak to the student coordinators or the faculty coordinator rather then criticizing them openly on the social media.
    No college is perfect everyone has some problem or the other it is upto you how to make things work . At ILS no body is going to spoon feed you. Take initiatives approach your seniors they will be happy to help you ILS has very helpful and friendly seniors all you need to do is some talking.
    By posting such things on social forums you not only criticize the college administration sadly, the fellow students also.

  16. Defending the indefensible is what has lead to the debacle that is ILS Pune today.
    Ask seniors and they will help you? NO SIRE. They don’t. Not unless you’re good at brown-nosing them and certainly not out of benevolence even if they KNOW you’re good.
    Ask faculty members and they’ll help you? NO WAY. Again, you brown-nose them and some of them might. You defend their wrongdoings like some have above, and they might. Most however, will not hear a word of dissent against themselves. One or two are genuinely nice but they rarely stand up to the ones they know are a worthless waste of space.
    Ask your batchmates and they will help you? NOPE. I’ve heard some of the worst advice given to anyone from my own batch-mates for obvious reasons. People whose skins I was saving by helping them with THEIR moots/ research articles and what not, even on exam dates, only to get thrown under a bus by them when I was in need of help.
    Let’s talk about academics. It’s a dead virtue for all intents and purposes. Everything from the curriculum to the faculty is in complete shambles. The few, sparse professors who are at least good at what they teach, will leave students to fend for themselves when any complaint is taken to them.
    Let’s talk about the library. It’s timings, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. That’s worse than a government office. I cannot believe students have to fight for this stuff.
    Database access: No access to HeinOnline, Cambridge/Oxford databases, Kluwer, MartinusNijhoff, etc. No access to the Bluebook (thank goodness it’s going in the public domain now). Can you believe it?
    Oh and a complete joke in terms of the qualifiers for the moots that matter. In fact, ILS doesn’t even participate in a good number of top tier moots.
    Then there’s the ridiculous attendance requirement of 75%. A time completely wasted on useless faculty when the lot of us could pack off to other cities in search of good internships at a time when the kids from the NLUs are in college. But no. Our holidays will inevitably coincide with theirs and why would anyone pick an ILS kid over someone who’s obviously better trained?
    Let’s talk about hygiene. Has anyone seen the bathrooms? They’re a joke. And please, going by the number of students they admit, their income is more than sufficient to enable basic cleanliness on campus. The windows of the ladies’ bathroom in the academic block are broken and haven’t been fixed for over a year. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?
    But hey, as long as we “cry” for that lone ranger who committed suicide (when he shouldn’t have been driven up that wall in the first place), it’s all good, no?

  17. I seriously disagree with your post recent graduate. The pain and efforts taken by the placement cell of ILS are exuberant though it is a not a deemed university who only work as as industry on placements. ILS is a treasure you should explore, and never expect a spoon feed, All the students here stand by themselves, and I am sorry, if the students could not manage the activities going on in college, its absolutely their fault and never blame the management who is taking all the time to consider a batch of 500 students in a year. ONE MAIN THING, IF NO COMPANY COMES TO THE COLLEGE,IT WILL BE IN DEFAULT BUT IF A COMPANY COMES AND THE STUDENT FAILS IN QUALIFYING, STUDENT SHOULD BE BLAMED. I GUESS YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF THE PLACEMENTS GROWTH IN YOUR CURRENT YEAR ITSELF, WHERE THERE ARE OTHER LAW FIRM RECRUITMENTS AS WELL. ILS IS A PLACE WHERE YOU FIND PASSIONATE CROWD AROUND YOU PARTICIPATING IN VARIOUS CELLS AND ORGANISATIONS. ITS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO SEE SUCH A POST ON THE COLLEGE WHICH MAKES YOU A LAW GRADUATE.

  18. Dear Don’t-want-to-associate-myself-with-ILS,

    Set out below is a a parawise reply (something that mooting at ILS taught me) to your lies/exaggerated chronicles. I have endeavoured to be crisp (something I have my learnt from my seniors and juniors at ILS) to your verbose remarks.

    1 & 2: The paper pattern, marking scheme, revaluation dynamics and testing through tutorials are all determined by Pune University and NOT ILS.

    3. The Editor summed it all. Every university/college has average, good and great professors; just as there are good and great critiques – can’t seem to place you in either category.

    4. ILS has nowhere promised or represented that its canteen is hygienic and overpriced. It has also not forced you to grace the canteen with your presence. Personally, assuming all that you say is true, I have never fallen ill after eating at the canteen – have you?

    5. Do all colleges in India and world wide boast of hostel facilities which house 100% of its students? Entry into the hostel is based on marks and its consistency, thus promoting competition among students; not to mention, allowing those who are interested in co-curricular activities to be on campus whilst pursuing their activities such as seminars, moots and perusing one of India’s largest law libraries. The hostelites actually end up scoring well as juniors (by the way, the university topper of 2014 and the recipient of the best student award 2014 are hostelites), seniors and peers end up studying together and guiding each other during the prep leaves prior to exams.

    6. Diplomas are meant to be a combination of lecturing by teachers as well as voluntary discussions on part of the attendees. If the latter wish to “drool thru the lectures” “for attendance”, there’s little or a limit to which the former can do anything (or everything).

    7. ILS has been known to produce exceptional litigators and that is the perception in the market as a result of which it is likely that the number of firms which come to recruit at N-schools do not visit ILS. That said, the ILS name carries enough weight to place a significant number of students as judicial clerks at the Supreme Court, tier 1 and tier 2 firms and in some cases, even secure training contracts/vacation schemes at magic circle firms. Those who chose to be ” disciplined ” (not “threatened”) ended up being well placed, in my batch at least. If you are good, you are recruited. If you’re among the ones who come to class only for attendance and later be cynical about the insitution, then yes, chances of getting placed diminish.

    8. ILS has given me a platform to work for one of the highest constitutional law offices in India as well as one of the top-5 law firms in the world, among other things. ILS can’t be blamed if your mind is difficult (or incapable) of being “intellectually stimulated”. As for solidarity, students at ILS are not meant to be a national freedom movement; like minded people are likely to form their own groups and cliques. Comments of my friends Ankita Sarkar, Harsha and Ayush are agreed with and reiterated. As for enthusiasm, there are people at ILS who have got going, with the blessings of the faculty and administration, inter alia, a robust and active debating society, a trial advocacy competition and a negotiation simulation.

  19. Really when exactly did we have even a second of silence for those poor souls? Jam packed auditorium!? And teachers broke down for students? When??

    1. We did have a minute of silence after the second suicide ( i won’t name the person who committed suicide here) Teachers and students did break down
      the writer has took it too far by saying that we don’t care about the suicide
      and he did not stay in the hostel and was not social so he can’t blame the college for it ILS is the place or rather ILS hostel is the place where u can easily interact with seniors, In fact ILS may be the only college which provides so much opportunity with the seniors
      Please think before what you write about the college and get your facts clear

  20. The repeated posts make me feel that the ones who write these posts and I went to a different college. How else can I justify such a different experience?
    The problem is that you probably haven’t been to a college or met people who have been to institutions solely devoted to everything apart from law. I’ve had great seniors who were willing to help, professors who helped me learn, faculty coordinators
    who genuinely facilitated events and juniors willing to keep the cells and events alive.
    Do I mean I got everything that I wanted? Not at all. I had some bad grades in well written papers, some food that my stomach rebelled against and some batchmates, who I would never want to run into again. But to go to the extent of being ashamed of associating with the institution never crossed my mind. But maybe that’s just me…

  21. Clearly whoever wrote this, just came to college for attendance and did nothing worthwhile.
    Cause learning is a two way street. You have to apply yourself. If u expect college to spoon feed you.. Go study in pre school all your life.
    There are so many activities going on in the college all the time.
    Seminars, lectures from experts, competitions, every day some cell meeting
    U name it
    But if u just sit there, and judge and don’t wanna associate yourself with the college
    Thank you
    Don’t ! Its better that way.
    And about the culture of mentor-ship
    Seniors help in every single thing.. Its the college legacy.
    All u gotta do is ask
    Every college has its plus and minuses.
    Its easier to point out mistakes than to appreciate something.

    1. lol !! bro after going through ur comment..i feel awkward ..please understand her ..i think u havent gone through these kind of situations ..and i have already experienced it…and u know finally ur situation will be devastating and bro if ur from nlu…u might have not faced , but definitely i can say there is no point in appreciating such colleges and only this kind of pain can be felt only if u enter into such situations and this was my true experience.

      1. Raju, Bro, Ayush Agarwal is from ILS itself. Trust me, and he is one among many fine seniors who are always willing to help.
        Bro, all you need to do is ASK.
        And I am still puzzled so as to why you feel awkward.

  22. If only I could agree with this post again and again. There might be two sides to it though! As we can see, some of my classmates (read teachers pet) did have a good experience and can definitely vouch for ILS or justify the College’s action but the other 99% will surely disagree!

    Faculty and curriculum is something that ILS always blames on the university though the college is equally responsible. Recruiting someone who is rumored to be molester in some other college and when raised questions about the same, keeping mum and not even denying that is not very praiseworthy, ILS.

    And yes Placement cell, what to say about that shrine! So the placement coordinator who writes mails to the companies and laws firms (the one or two firms which actually made it) a time or two forgot the spelling of tomorrow or the idea of sentence composition or even the basic English. The placement head, an amazingly [..] woman who thinks she’s helping the poor by doing this charity work. From unreasonable demands to her threat of throwing everyone out of placement cell, if only anything made sense. But hey, we’re ILS, ours is the only law college (ILS students will get this)

    The only grace and inspiration in ILS is seeing those few people working hard and making it good on their own.

  23. This can be said true of most colleges in Maharashtra. My college is affiliated to Mumbai University. The subjects n exam pattern are same. I have really bad n slow handwriting only managed to score 45 in all paper I cleared. Had one KT in all the years. I wrote good company law paper with case laws an lengthy answers yet only managed to score 45. Well there are people who score 65+ (like all GLC people). May be I am just dumb as far as taking exams is considered . I have come to believe good hand writing fetches more marks vis a vis same answer in bad writing.

  24. I fully agree with what the writer of this blog has stated above, I’m a third year law student at ILS Pune and like the writer there are several of us who share the same opinion and have raised our voices on couple of occasions only to have met with vindictive responses from professors.

  25. That’s a factually wrong post. At many levels, which I wont bother expounding but I will point out the most major one which is in the heading itself. I also just passed out of college, and I agree that things are far from ideal. However to insinuate a lie that our college didn’t care about students commuting suicide is a blatant and disgusting lie. Our college most certainly did care about the suicides, we had an all student and teacher meeting in the auditorium where not only did we observe a minute silence, but also the teachers all spoke about the students, encouraged us to open up to them, some of them even broke down in the middle of the speeches. That auditorium was jam packed and in the middle of the speeches most individuals started crying as well. Apathy might exist towards a lot of other issues in ILS, death and suicide sure as hell ain’t one of them. Shame on the writer for insinuating that it is.

    1. Hi recent graduate, please mind, when you are speaking about our professor, who manages the placements. Please appreciate her concern and efforts. Yes ILS is following traditional course structure, which is helpful for the students who choose litigation as their profession but not corporate. For this reason the placement management cell introduced diploma in corporate law. And the material followed is designed by the top law firm in India, and the cell is the reason for having guest lectures in corporate law diploma from best law firms in India. Cell after considering the course structure and developments in Company law 2013, initiated Company Law Lecture series (2014-15) in association with ICSI – especially for the benefit of students who are aspiring for placements. And you cannot imagine the placements without her in ILS, better ask your seniors they will tell you.
      If you want me to speak about the growth, our new college library is the live reflection. Moreover, previous year college has introduced competition law diploma in association with Amarchand and Mangaldas, and I knew you have not attended and you may not even know about the International conference on Private International law conducted by our college calling the jurists from all over the world for the first time. (these all developments were in your fifth year – recent graduate).
      Students join ILS for legacy and network. ILS has an active student participation through various committees and cells and for your information the previous academic year college has introduced a moot court committee at the request of students. These all cells reflect senior-junior interaction. Dear recent graduate perhaps to know all these things you should have spent one hour at least in the college after lectures.
      And I don’t know why I am speaking about this, in addition to my senior Harshavardhan Ganesan comment, please check ILS Law journal “Abhivyakti” you will find the Principle’s and college concern for the students who passed away.


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