ILS Pune 4th National Alternate Judgement Writing Competition 2016-17 [Prizes Worth Rs. 23,000]: Register by Jan 15

Structure of the Contest:

Based on our past year experiences, we have chosen to do away with team participation and hence this year this competition will be individual based.

The competition has 2 segments, Submission of written drafts and oral submissions.

A distinguished panel of examiners will shortlist 5 entries for oral presentation.

Out of the total entries, 5 entries shall be shortlisted for presentations and among them 3 individual prizes will be given.

The participant shall reconstruct:

a. The arguments of the petitioner;

b. The arguments of the respondents; and

c. Reasoning of the court

During the reconstruction of the arguments and the reasoning; the participant shall also undertake legal research on the matter left out or given less significance in the Judgment.


Any Law College or Law University can send in entries. There is no restriction on the number of entries from any college or university.

The student authors of the alternate judgment shall be pursuing the 5 year or 3year law course.

The Competition:

The competition will have two rounds:

First Round – All alternate judgments received will be assessed, and 5 will be selected for the second round.

Second Round – Student authors of these 5 judgments shall make oral presentations of their drafts at ILS Law:

a. The arguments of the petitioner;

b. The arguments of the Respondents; and

c. Reasoning of the court

Oral presentations of 5 selected judgments shall be held during the 1st week of March.

The exact dates will be communicated to the participants on or before 1st January 2016.

The Draft of the Judgment shall be divided in 5 Sections:

a. Relevant Legislations

b. The arguments of the petitioner

c. The arguments of the respondents

d. Issues

e. Reasoning of the court

Case Citation:

Ram Chandra Bhagat v. State of Jharkhand (2010) 13 SCC 780; 2010 (12) SCALE 463

The Alternate judgment:

The alternate judgment may be submitted as follows:

– Language- English

– Word limit – 3000 words (including foot notes)

– Format – MSWord

– Font – Times New Roman

– Font size- 12 for text, 10 for footnotes

– Page numbers – bottom center

– A cover page stating the name of the competition, the name of your institution and the names of student authors, with the signatures of each student author

– The alternate judgment shall begin on the next page.

– Do not state any matter in the alternate judgment (except the cover page) that might reveal your identity or of your institution.


1. First Prize: Rs. 10,000

2. Second Prize: Rs. 8,000

3. Third Prize: Rs. 5,000

Registration Details

Click HERE.


15th January, 2017


Ms. Chandni Chawla (student coordinator): 9665079487

Email: [email protected]

For further details, click HERE.


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