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India and IE are linked by a very close relationship. 

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The Spanish institution, located in Madrid’s Financial Center and fully recognized by the most important agencies as one of the best schools in the world, was created in 1973 and is now an established destination for hundreds of Indian graduates and professionals who wish to develop their skills in different fields: business, law, communication, architecture, etc.

IE Law School, with its strong innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, global focus, exceptional faculty and international beyond border experiences (with more than 10 different destinations in Asia, Europe, USA and Latin America) has attracted over the last years several Indian students to its legal programs, fully imparted in English and included in the “listing” provided by the Financial Times every year: the LLM in International Business Law and the Executive LLM, taught in collaboration with Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago (USA).

The experience has been extremely positive, not only for the students themselves, but also for the school that has benefited from excellent profiles capable of bringing an innovative and different vision to legal issues.

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With more than 15 different nationalities in each class, every practical problem is dealt with in a global way, giving each student the opportunity to present their own vision on the case in order to achieve, all together, an innovative and effective solution.

ie law school, ie law school indiaThe fact that more and more Indian alumni are approaching the IE Law School is not a matter of chance; on the one hand the Indian legal market has gone, during the last few years, through intensive transformations that have made it even more competitive and open to international flows.

On the other hand, the entire world has recognized the incredible international success of Indian businesses, with start-ups and small companies which are now considered global enterprises with thousands of employees and new and different challenges.

Therefore it is not surprising that multiple aspects related to international corporate law are now on the agenda of the Indian legal market, and these are the issues on which IE Law School bases all of its LLM programs.

Based on the great connection between India and the school, IE Law School has decided to participate in an event that will be held in Delhi on March 11th and 12th: Meet the Young General Counsel in 2014.

Justin Swinsick, Executive Director of International Programs at IE Law School will attend and participate actively in the event.

He will discuss the role of lawyers in the 21st century, the changing models of practice and how to give innovative solutions to legal problems, as well as the importance of understanding US common law principles and global business practices.

This participation will allow IE Law School to obtain a more profound knowledge of the Indian legal market, its professionals and its new legal trends.

Beside this event, Prof. Swinsick will impart the “Oral Advocacy” master class in several universities and it will be a tremendous opportunity for the School to get to know thousands of law students, and to learn directly from them by obtaining their personal view and opinion about the market and the challenges that we will have to face, together, in the next few years.


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