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Employment Laws ( referred to as “Labour Laws” or “Industrial Relations” in India) are the laws governing employment in India.

These laws mediate the relationship between trade unions, employers and employees and broadly deal with matters such as, employee-employer relationship, wages and/or remuneration; working condition; termination; health and safety; employee welfare; old age & retirement, maternity benefits, pension & provident funds, trade unions, industrial relations; and so on. Labour laws play crucial role in guaranteeing decent working conditions.

In India, there are over 40 labour legislations, which can be broadly categorized as follows:

a) Labour laws enacted by the Central Government, where the Central Government has the sole responsibility for enforcement;

b) Labour laws enacted by Central Government and enforced both by Central and State Governments;

c) Labour laws enacted by Central Government and enforced by the State Governments;

d) There are also Labour laws enacted and enforced by the various State Governments which apply to respective States.

The Ministry of Labour & Employment is authorized to create a work environment in order to achieve a high rate of economic growth and to protect and safeguard the interests of the working class and those of the vulnerable sections of the society.

The online course namely, “Certified Labour Laws & Employment Compliance Practitioner” offered by IALM helps the learners in understanding Indian Labour & Employment Laws and various legislations enacted to cater to different aspects of labour laws namely, health and safety, employment and / or training, minimum wages, payment of wages and payment of compensation to workmen who suffer injuries, women labour and child labour, provision of social security such as provident fund, employees’ state insurance, gratuity, bonus, etc.

This course is a must for Industrial Relations Professionals, Employment Lawyers and Practitioners, Labour Union Leaders, Law Students, Law Graduates, Lawyers, HR Managers and Managers, or anyone who wants to establish and run business in India.

Employment Laws and Multinational Companies

With ever increasing presence of global companies in India, the requirement of managing human resources is becoming paramount for companies running operations in India.

They are always looking for Human Resource (HR) Specialist or Employment Attorneys.

The complexity of Indian Employment Laws is humongous.

The way offer letters are drafted, pay packages are to be structured, working conditions & employment benefits are to be passed, pension to be passed or how employees will be terminated requires a full time legal specialist in Companies, resulting in huge employment opportunities in India.

Important Information about this ONLINE Course

Course Duration: 3-Months

Total Course Fees: Rs. 10,000/- (Payment through Credit / Debit Cards, Cheque, Demand Draft, Cash, Wire Transfer – NEFT)

Evaluation Method: Based on “Multiple Choice Question (MCQs)” and an “Assignment SubmissionRequirements: of 500 words

Next Batch: Each IALM course starts every Saturday. Students can register online for the course any time. Upon payment of fees and registration, the present Course will start on forthcoming Saturday.

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