By Saloni A D, JSS Law College, Mysore

I am a Law Student

1. The questions the Tribe asks

The experience of being a law student is quite baffling. Every law student is haunted by these questions at least once- ‘Am I a perfect law student; have I understood the legal concepts I should be knowing by now; or what am I even going to do after I get my law degree?’ These feelings run through the minds of almost every law student.

2. No right destination; only right ways

If we try to find out the right answer for a legal problem, we will never get it. Because there is no such thing as ‘right’ answers… there’s just the ‘right’ way to identify the issue, apply the rule, and analyze the argument which takes a huge amount of concentration and patience.

3. More is Less

Then you look back at your text book and realize you’ve basically highlighted every single word. When you start to apply legal reasoning to every aspect, it makes you incredibly indecisive. Because the more you learn, the more cynical you get about the concept of ‘justice’.

When you read, say for a research paper, or a moot or even an exam, a sentence gets so long that half way through you forget what it was about in the first place. And when you do understand everything that you read, you run out of your highlighter ink because everything seems so important! And that’s such a headache when you are expected to be ‘clear and concise’ yet have to read a 127 long page judgement.

No, you cannot stay away from doing that because there is always another case to read, assignment to write or seminar to prepare for; when while preparing you have to look up every third word you read and wonder if the combined Parliament and Judicial intent was to drive law students insane.

4. Scared to talk

It’s already late to realize that you’re terrified of public speaking and wonder why on earth you’re doing a degree with such a heavy emphasis on oration. You accept the challenge anyways, but then arrives YOUR FIRST MOOT.

Studying law really does change you but you’re not sure in what way. A talk with the senior would make you pretend to understand the Latin phrase which he/she has casually dropped into the conversation and you are skeptical about starting a conversation with the same person another time.

5. Scared of numbers

Meanwhile in the classroom, that long silence appears after your professor asks a question about something you studied in the previous semesters. And when you’re asked a simple math question, say in the Business law class, you think “Oh please! I am a Law student for a reason”.

6. Lament against the laymen

At home, when you’re watching a TV show and it makes a non-sensible legal reference, no one else understands your rage but you realize that you’re a true law student. You are the only one who refers to normal people as ‘laymen’. And then there are your parents who always introduce you as ‘my child, the law student’.

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  1. It’s a very well written article, not just words but the thoughts as well especially to someone who is seriously thinking of studying law but had the above worries. I came across this article because I really wanted to know what I was getting into. I feel less burdened that I might not be only one who would think in such a way

  2. Fascinating Saloni. You have given me a new idea. In one of my future articles, I think I will deal with how you can draft using short sentences yet say everything, and how to extract the essence of even 800 page judgments! I congratulate you on identifying the issues which trouble most law students.

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