Hybrid Internship Experience at The Legal Chronicle, New Delhi: Interesting Work and Stipend

“At TLC, It was a buffet of work – in both quantity and variety, and the best part was that I had the freedom (and responsibility) to choose new work.” 

Name. College. Year of Study. Time Period of Internship

Ankit Agarwal, Currently in 4th Year, BA. LLB, University School of Law & Legal Studies, GGSIP University, Dwarka Sector 16C, Delhi. 

Let me take this space to paint you a timeline first, because the journey with this internship(s) was unexpected for me as well. I got the internship @ TLC when I was in my 5th Semester (1st January, 2021) as a Content Writer and nothing more. In most firms, your work dwells in the department you are assigned to and ends there. However, in a growing start-up, several paths abound. So, my internship as content writer got extended till 15th March 2021, when ultimately I was lifted to Operations work. I was in the operations department till 30th May, 2021 (now a 6th Semester student).  

Name of the Organization. City

The Legal Chronicle, a legal Ed-Tech start-up which aims at upskilling law students to make them employable in a wide career field. It is based in New Delhi, although the operations extend over the country virtually. 

How Big Was The Office? Team Strength?

Like I mentioned, my internship began as a work from home, then I was offered an arrangement to stay and work in their home-office on weekends. I took the offer, after which I travelled there on Saturdays and Sundays. 

So, the office is a home office. It is a spacious 2 BHK home with the entire hall transformed into an air-conditioned office. I was the only intern that worked in office, the rest worked from home. So it was pretty convenient and homely (you know, it being a home?) 

The Co-founders of TLC are Ashish Sir and Aakriti Ma’am. Apart from that, there were a few different teams with a few trusted interns (3-4) managing each of them (Sales, HR, etc.) It became clear within a week that I was not supposed to be in any single team, but rather a kind of their personal intern. 

Application Procedure. Internship Contact Details

Firstly, they themselves post vacancies for interns in particular positions as and when vacancy arises (like the recent content writer posting) which can always be availed of at the right time. So, I am not at the liberty of sharing any personal email to use for this purpose. However, I have always encouraged my juniors to politely and professionally bug their way into any position that feel they will be good at, and this shouldn’t stop you from applying either. My direction would be to find them on LinkedIn and carefully land your application there. (Some more tips follow below). 

Okay, so let me clarify that what follows is nothing official from their side, just some reasonable conclusions from my time there. As there are different positions in different teams under TLC, it might be preferred that you gain clarity in your mind on what you want to do. If you find an answer (say ‘Sales and Business Development’) then it should reasonably be better to mention that the application is for that position. You can always attach a fail-safe to the effect that ‘if there is a vacancy in another department, I would be grateful to hear about it’ or something like that. 

The second choice would be to aim for the work profile I got somehow, that of a personal intern under the founders. This would mean being a blank cell ready to be filled with a wide variety of work that might come up. A Start-up is always on the lookout for talent even when they think they are not. So, show them what you got, do it professionally and you might just create your own vacancy. 

Duration In weeks. No. of Days/Week. Timings

I interned work from home till end of March. Approximately, I had to put in 2.5 hours a day in Content Writing profile, and then 4-5 hours a day in Operations. The line between weekday and weekend in work from home does get blurred, but if you are okay with time management on a personal level (like you become in 3 years of law school), you will be able to get half of Saturday and whole of Sunday off like I did. (barring emergency work, of course)

Upon entering the weekend arrangement, the above time investment stayed as it is, plus the 10 AM to 6 PM on weekends got added. My stipend did reflect this though, so I’m happy 🙂   

Accommodation: How, Where, How Was It?

The days when I travelled there, I did from my home in Dwarka. But, there is no dearth of affordable living places in South Delhi. The time spent in their home-office was incredibly convenient with home cooked meals. 

First impression. First day, Formalities Etc.

Since I entered through a vacancy in content writing, this answer lingers in that area only. I got selected on my CV and the Test question that needed to be answered. I was explained the nature, quality and quantity of work required over a phone call and just like that, I started receiving topics to write on. 

There is not scope of huge impressions in content writing work, but what I can say is this – even though it was rigid in requirements of quality and deadline, it was not rude or unreasonable.  

Main Tasks 

  • Content Writing

Wrote 1500-2000 word articles on topics assigned and submitted it on email. Sir did the plagiarism check himself and sent it back for editing if it crossed the 10% limit or had any other big errors. Nothing much on this, as I got the hang of it soon and then it stopped coming back. 

  • Operations/Personal Intern

This, like I said was the ‘blank cell’ work profile where I understood start-up culture of work. There is a lot of work in all areas, and I was expected to just take up and start working on whatever was given. It was like improv comedy, you probably don’t know what you are supposed to do or how you are supposed to do it, but you just start working and improvise your way forward. They were always ready to answer questions and make choices when I listed out the options for them, but I was supposed to do the research on Google, YouTube etc. first and get basic understanding on my own. 

The work ranged from making and managing Facebook Ads, Researching and compiling lists (Investors, recent ed-tech ventures, new colleges, etc.), to Customer support and volunteer work during an event. 

  • The Discussions

A unique arm of work at TLC were the open discussions. Either I was there in their office or I got a Zoom meeting link, an agenda was given on the lines of what can be improved or how to organize a particular event and we just discussed for hours. Every idea I had ever thought found place in one of those discussions. 

Best Things? 

The two people – Ashish and Aakriti were the best things of the internship experience. I used what I learned from their own LinkedIn posts in the internship under them and I saw what they meant. 

They are shortly followed in the list of best things by the Discussions. The best part of the discussions was that I understood how discussion works. How you remain unbothered by your ideas getting shot down for infuriatingly valid reasons and still intently listen to others’ ideas. It killed my ego and reset my priorities. 

Third best part was the wide range of work I got to learn. 

What Did You Do To Chill? Co-Interns, Colleagues

Again, work from home… homely comfy environment.. yada yada yada. Co-interns I got connected to were surprisingly cooperative, hardworking and creative. So that was a good bonus. 

Stipend/ Month

It varied with my positions and responsibilities and I know for a fact that it has already varied for people now hired in my position. So, it is not apt to lay a number here. It would be better to check out their past vacancies on job posting platforms. I can say that it was adequate at all times, and they even reimbursed transport costs over and above the fixed stipend. 

Bad Things?

After inadvertently gushing about the internship for so long, it would be apt to honestly lay something on the bad side as well. Well, there isn’t much… one thing I can put from an intern’s perspective (and not an employer) is that the attitude of ‘eager to work’ sometimes goes against you, especially in a work from home setup and work just keeps coming in till you start to flinch at the sound of Whatsapp notification. 



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