Humans of UNH Franklin Pierce!


Over the course of the last few years, you may have become familiar with UNH Franklin Pierce, a top-ranked US Law School offering, amongst other things, a globally renowned LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law.

You might have read our piece on how to get hired in the US or this interview with the Editor in Chief of our Intellectual Property Law Journal, IDEA, Meredith Foor or even this interview with one of our Indian alum, Mohak Rana.

This time around, we want to give you a closer look at the people who make up our wonderful community. And hence, here are a few of us talking about what got us to UNH Franklin Pierce, and what keeps us here.

Omar Vega Albino, LL.M. in Intellectual Property ’21

Omar Vega Albino

“English is not my first language, so I arrived at UNH Franklin Pierce with concern about how I might perform in my studies. I am fortunate to have met amazing people, with great empathy, who have been especially helpful in this time away from home. I am inspired by the idea of becoming that professional who can be an instrument for social benefit. I was recently sworn in as an attorney in Puerto Rico. I remain extremely grateful for the tools and experiences gained at
UNH Law.”

Lauren Berger, Assistant Dean of Students

Lauren Berger

“I worked in in Indiana for 10 years before I decided that it was time to make my way back home to New Hampshire where I grew up. A friend and mentor sent me the job description for the Assistant Dean of Students at UNH Franklin Pierce, and I applied for it immediately. It was the only job I applied for at the time, and it felt like serendipity when I got the offer!

In my current role, I help JD and residential graduate students from the time they arrive at orientation through their graduation from the program. I love that I get to help them in this journey. A couple of years ago, a new student popped in unannounced with his parents as they were looking for apartments. A student worker at our reception desk overheard our conversation.

She texted one of our staff members, who happened to rent apartments to students (unbeknownst to me). He got back to her right away and, within 15 minutes, the new student and his parents were off to look at an apartment. This speaks to the greater sense of community we have built at UNH Franklin Pierce, where people find ways to take care of other people! The resiliency of our community and our students to be flexible, creative, and persistent has been really inspiring to me.”

Elizabeth Velez, Adjunct Faculty for the Academic Success Program

Elizabeth Velez

“I started law school at age 34, after working at a nonprofit organization in the United States and then teaching in Cape Town, South Africa. After having spent more than a decade out of school and then living overseas, it has been a privilege to work with students at UNH Franklin Pierce from all around the world. These students bring a great diversity of experience and backgrounds, and I love learning from them as I help them adjust to law school in the U.S. I’m inspired by people who are willing and able to see places where the world can be broader and more inclusive, and then have the courage to blaze the path to that future!”

Are you ready to join the UNH Franklin Pierce community? Please contact Sarah Dorner, Director of Graduate and International Admissions, for more information about our LL.M. degrees in Intellectual Property and Commerce and Technology Law. Sarah can be reached at or on WhatsApp at +1-603-513-5300.


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