Internship Experience @ Human Rights Law Network, Patna: Learned to file RTI and draft PIL


Radhika Drolia, Central University Of South Bihar, B.A.LLB (H) 2nd year(4th semester)


18 May 2015 to 18 June 2015

While I was busy with my internals at my college in the month of April I was searching for an internship during my summer vacations which was about to begin from mid May. That would be the first experience as an intern at a NGO.


The confirmation e-mail came to me while I was at Gaya when I just came out of my exam hall. I along with my three friends had applied and been selected for this internship with HRLN, Patna one of the most renowned NGO in India.

This NGO had spread its wing through all over India but I applied for Patna Branch as its my hometown.

Before starting with my internship, I was very much nervous and at the same time excited as it was an experience of internship with NGO and that too with my friends.

For Internship at HRLN

You have to send an e-mail which consist of your details, your CV and the resuming/ recommendation letter from the concerned university. The email for pursuing the internship must be sent at least 1 month before of resuming date.

After analyzing your CV if the internship coordinator feels that you are competent then he will hire you as an intern and send you a confirmation mail else will drop your recommendation.

I had sent my e-mail to Mr. Anshu Raj Singh (state coordinator) on his personal mail id

He found my CV meeting his requirement and appointed me as an intern at HRLN. I reported to HRLN office at Patna on 18th May’ 2015.

Life during that Internship

As I resumed there as an intern on May 18 my life took a different route. I was staying at my home but my office was almost 20 kms away from my house.

Going and coming back was the most difficult task of the whole internship. It took almost 2 hrs for me to travel but then it became the part of my life and I begun to enjoy it too.


It was clearly mentioned in my confirmation e-mail that it was mandatory for each intern to bring their own laptop.

The Logistics

At the place where I did internship there were only 4 intern for that period. We were accompanied with mentor Mr. Barun Kr. who use to assign us the task, direct us about our work and verify our work,

Each week we had to tabulate our work and we had to submit our work on allotted time. That was the one of the most strict rules there.

One more thing, internship certificate will be issued to only those people who attend and does the work daily or who summit their work on time through mails. Only reasonable excuse for absence was taken into consideration.

Non attenders were not issued with the certificates.

The Work

At HRLN, I was working for the Human Rights.

Over the course of my work, I reviewed many petitions, PIL (public interest litigation) filed for the violation of the human rights, reviewed around 100s of bail petition filed before different courts in state, reviewed a law commission report on Sec–377 of Indian Penal Code and one of the best thing learned that how to file a RTI ( Right to Information) petition.

Our work was to read, analyze, prepare and document that petitions and reports.

From that very day my work was started with empty stomach as I thought that the internship would be of half day and I can go back to home but it was full time job.

The work at the office was quiet interesting and enjoyable. After I reached office I was assigned with my work and after finishing my work I use to entertain myself with different means there.

International Conference And Seminars

While working with HRLN, I got many opportunity to attend and conference. One of the Seminars I had attended was in Patna which was organised by PUCL and this was on Basics of Constitution i.e Preamble especially focused on the phrase “DIGNITY OF PEOPLE“.

This was for the common people to make them aware about this. Also I had attended the conference with my co- intern and the mentors at Panchgani, Maharashtra.

This was an International Conference attended by me which was organised by HRLN in collaboration with SLIC and Tata Institute of Social Science. This was the one of the best conference I had attended till now.

Through this I got the chance to meet People like P. Sainath, Coolin Gonsalves, Adv. Henry, Activist. Indu & Trupati, Journalist Tista, J.Yakoob and J.Suresh and got to know many thing from them such as issue related to farmer suicide, communalism, marital rape, death penalty etc.

The proud moment

I felt proud when Henry Sir quoted in his speech that HRLN interns are the best interns.

What I learned

Though this was bit tedious but nice experience, I got to learn many things:-

1. Understanding of bail petition – before this experience I had only heard about it but there I analysed and understood that what is bail petition and many more things about that.

2. I learned to file RTI and PIL drafting.

3. Through the seminar and conference, I came with the quality of interacting with people. I gave up my fear and interacted with many people.

4. Now, I feel free to put my views or to debate before crowd.

5. At the International Conference, I had an experience of moot court with the newly conceived lawyers and learned many things from senior lawyer.

The completion of my internship period

On 18th June, I ended up with HRLN as intern and looking for internship at PUCL and succeeded in my search. On the last I memorized all the things I did there and realised that it was a great learning experience with my friends.

Thats all I learned from my internship but I would say that I am very much happy to be as an Intern there.

Through this I got a chance to interact with many people across the country and few became part of my life.

I hope this internship experience has been informative and useful and may help future intern candidate.

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