Internship Experience @ Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), Chandigarh: Organized Conference on the Rights of Differently Abled People




Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), Chandigarh

Around 4 members

Application Process

The application process is very easy.

Send your CV at least a month in advance at the following e-mail ID – chandigarh

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The Director Ms. Veena Kumari will ask a couple of basic questions relating to areas of interest etc.

If found satisfactory, a confirmation mail will be sent in a few days regarding the date of commencement.


1 month (1st January, 2013 – 30th January, 2013)

First Day

The first day was quite good. Since we all interns were from same college and same batch, so Ms. Veena Kumari asked us regarding our interest.

I was asked about the issues I would like to work on. I was assigned the Persons With Disabilities Act. I had to study the Act and then work on a few cases relating to the same.

It basically focused on social work, there were very few legal cases, mainly regarding family law and Human rights.

Since it was a residence converted office, there were no computer labs, libraries, cabins etc.

It was a very small office.

Main tasks

The main task was basically research on various social topics.

We studied various acts and then worked on cases relating to the same.

I worked on PWD Act, Juvenile Justice Act and also on acid attack cases.

We even organized a National Conference on the rights of Differently Abled People at Chandigarh.

We had various field visits in villages of Punjab and Haryana.

We awared them regarding their rights and even went to the schools to impart them knowledge regarding human rights.


It was friendly environment.

Veena ma’am and Jitender Sir were very helpful and cooperative.

They were always there to help us on the cases.

Since all interns were my batch-mates, we had great fun

Best things

To organize National Conference

Field visits

Friendly environment

We were actually working for those people who are generally ignored by our society. So we had a feeling of pride.

Bad things

Office was too small

Professionalism was missing


Since it was an organisation run on donations, stipends were not paid to interns.

However, the work made up for it.

Biggest Lessons

No one cares about the under privileged people.

Even the lawyers ignore them.


It’s an internship suggested for first years, but not for students who want to learn law related work.

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