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About the Blog

Human Rights Law and Policy Review is an initiative by the alumni and students of Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar. Through this platform, we desire to provide a space for exchange of knowledge and ideas on the brewing issues concerning Human Rights law and Humanitarian Law. The ultimate objective is to explore the area of Human Rights law by identifying niche issues and fostering academic discussions on the same.

We encourage writings by academicians, legal practitioners and law students in order to accord a holistic understanding of the multi-faceted dimensions of human rights law. However, submissions are not restricted to the analysis of human rights alone. Authors are permitted to explore the interface of human rights with other domains of national as well as international laws.

Word Limit

Blog Article, Case Comment and Legislative Analysis

The word limit for the manuscript is 1500 words. This word limit is exclusive of the endnotes (if any). Longer posts may be accepted and published in parts subject to the discretion of the editors.

Opinions: The word limit for opinions is 150-200 words. There is no requirement of citations in opinions.

Submission Guidelines

Headings: Authors are encouraged to use headings to break up long posts. Headings should not be of more than one level and should be in bold.

Font and Spacing: The body of the text should be formatted to Garamond font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing with a single line space between paragraphs.

References: All references must be in the form of hyperlinks in the body of the submission. Hyperlinks should be provided to all supporting materials and legal texts for the benefit of the readers. In case no hyperlink is available for any reference, use of endnotes is recommended.

Authorship: Co-authorship up to two authors is allowed.

Originality: All works must be original and unpublished. Any form of plagiarism will lead to disqualification for publication on the Blog.

For detailed submission guidelines, click here.

How to Submit?

Submissions must be in Word format (‘.doc’ or ‘.docx’). Ensure that the title of the document has been renamed to the title of the post. To submit a post for consideration, mail us at[at] with subject “Submission for Guest Post”.

Contact Details

For any query, write to us at[at]


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