HSI Presents NLSIU Animal Protection PIL Competition 2017: Winners Interview

Society for Non-Human Persons, NLSIU hosted the First edition of the Humane Society International – India Presents NLSIU Animal Protection PIL Competition, 2017 from the 20th-22nd January, 2017.

The NLSIU Animal Rights PIL Competition was to provide students all over India an opportunity to develop knowledge in the field of Animal Welfare Law and Constitutional law while honing their written and oral advocacy skills.

The competition has received accolades from the likes of Mrs. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi. The competition concluded on the 22nd of January, 2017 with SOEL emerging as winners and NLU-Jodhpur as the runners up.

College Name: School of Excellence in Law, The Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University


1. Gopika.S (Speaker)

2. Sneha Pradeep (Speaker)

3. Bagavathy.V (Researcher)

1. What was the primary motivation behind choosing to do the NLSIU Animal Protection PIL Competition, 2017?

The primary motivation for doing this Competition was because it presented an opportunity for us to explore the much neglected arena of animal rights and also to file a PIL in the High Court/Supreme Court on the issue we work on, if we win the same.

Unlike other usual moots, we could delve into the real-life situation and not limit ourselves to the fictional facts which are given in a moot proposition.

2. How was the process of preparation? How did you go about the entire stage? How long did you work on the problem, and what was the most challenging phase?

Since we were given the liberty to chose our own theme, we had to do some groundwork to figure out the issue which needed the intervention of the Supreme Court ; this was the most challenging phase.

That was how we figured out the problem of delay in notification of elephant corridors and illegal activities that happen there. The research and the memo preparation went on for 3 weeks.

3. How important was the essence of team effort during the competitions preparation? How was it like working with your team? Were there any roadblocks?

A win in a competition, especially one such as this, wherein we are judged on both our research and argumentative skills by renowned lawyers and animal activists all over India, is impossible without the entire team giving our 100 percent.

There must not be any ego-clashes between speakers.

The Researcher, the unsung hero, is in fact, the backbone of the team. Thankfully, we did not face any roadblocks as a team.

We supported and encouraged each other in those tough moments.

4. How was the final round? What were the techniques to crack it up?

The final rounds was a momentous occasion for us.

Getting a chance to argue before stalwarts like Mr. Prashanth Bhushan, Mr. Anand Grover and Mrs. Jayna Kothari made us feel blessed.

The techinique was to maintain our composure and answer the volley of questions they threw at us with conviction.

5. How important do you think such initiatives are considering the current situation of agency of animals in India are?

Such initiatives go a long way in providing animals the rights they deserve. Today in different parts of the country, conflicts between tradition and animal rights are creeping up.

So it is imperative that the future set of lawyers from across the country put their minds and strive to achieve the right balance and stand up for these voiceless creations of God.

6. Comments on the organization of the competition.

The organizers did a great job. Special thanks to Mr. Jayasimha and Mr. Sarang Lal for exceuting this novel idea with aplomb.

7. Takeaways from the competition.

Takeaways from this competition are many.

Starting from the experience of competing at the country’s premier law school to being judged by the best legal minds from across the country and the opportunity to work on a PIL which will be filed in the HC/SC, this competition is an experience we will always cherish and feel proud of.

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