How to Publish a Book on Kindle? Gehna Banga, Author of Run Your Fingers Through My Soul Answers

By Gehna Banga

When you are a law student there is immense focus on writing research articles or conference papers.

Ask me what I wrote, a book, YES!

A BOOK about my life (not to forget that I’m just 23, not quite old enough to pen down my own life experiences), a romantic memoir that deeply discusses issues such as body image, body shaming, power of our thoughts, mind and energies within us and around us, breaking conformity, achieving our goals, ways to be successful, loving your true self, mental health, how to fight depression (something that we all overlook like it’s nothing really harmful in the long run) and the most important of all that women really need to stand up for their thoughts.

It’s called Run Your Fingers Through My Soul, it’s published and available for sale on Amazon Kindle at the following link.

Oh, not just did I write this book, I also graced the cover of my book 😛

I barely published any research articles all these five years but I published my first eBook through Amazon Kindle’s Self Publishing Platform with utmost sincerity and ease for the simple reason that it seemed like the best deal ever.

I did not have to go through the hassle of meeting hard copy publishers, editing the content of my book as per the demands of my publishers, incur any initial costs for publishing any amount of copies that I would have had I taken the traditional publishing route, spend absolutely any amount of pennies for bringing my thoughts out in the market and I am getting the opportunity to reach out to readers across all countries and markets (Brazil, Nepal, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan you name it, all of them).

Also, we are all tech savvy, aren’t we?! Everybody is always on their phones, laptops, tabs, kindle devices etc. Connecting with anyone and a large audience at the same time digitally is the fastest way to reach out to people.

The icing on the cake about publishing with Kindle’s Direct Publishing (KDP) platform is the royalties they offer you.

There are two rates of royalties (35% and 70%) available for the author depending upon the geographical locations you choose to make your eBook available to.

KDP’s royalty rates are an amazing deal according to me. As a law student, I’ve had the opportunity to go through literary contracts during my internships and wow every time I looked at the royalty rates, especially for the new authors, I was amazed.

The rates varied between 14-16%. It’s pittance honestly for the creative mind. Your royalties are paid to you via modes of payment opted by you.

NOW let me take you through the process of publishing any content, be it a legal or non legal book, a short story, a comic anything which is a literary work on Amazon Kindle once you have finalized your manuscript as per YOUR terms.

Step 1 : Go to Amazon Kindle’s Direct Publishing Official Website.

Step 2 : Create a free account of your own by signing up, providing for requisite details such as your bank account numbers, age, address, tax residency information, preferred mode of payments etc.

Also, you will have to enter into a typical click wrap agreement with Amazon KDP. This is basically the contract between you as an author choosing to use Kindle’s services as a publisher and KDP where the terms and conditions existing upon each of the parties are provided for.

Step 3 : Once you’ve signed up, go to your account and upload your manuscript on the page that you will be led to upon clicking on the option Bookshelf available on the top of your account home page.

Step 4 : Once you’ve uploaded your manuscript, the details of the book, your cover photo and also chosen the royalty options, all you need to do is click on ‘I agree and continue’.

Step 5 : Wait for about 12-48 hours and your book goes live on Kindle! You officially become an author. It’s that simple, time effective and cheap (free actually, zero costs involved or charged by Kindle).

I know a lot of us as law students have inner desires to be writers just like I did. I hope my post details help all of you desiring to put your thoughts out to the world in a simple and cheap manner as effectively as it helped me.

Also, my book is selling like hot cakes. It was ranked 11 and then jumped to 7 as the bestseller on Kindle Store in the first two weeks since it’s release. It’s the best platform honestly.

Don’t forget to lay your hands on it, you’ve got to read this! It will definitely help you understand who is the creator of your life and many other things. Hope you enjoy reading it!

My name is Gehna Banga, a final year student at ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad. You can contact me or reach me at 09041012131/ [email protected]

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