How To [Or Not To] Write a Love Letter

I asked my friends how should I,
Do something that wins her back,
A letter they said, a letter of love,
Long, cute cartoons and an ink of blood.

I love my veins, so I didn’t do it red,
But sincere still, the words poured,
Two pages full, and yes, cartoons too,
Folded twice, all corners in love.

I gave it to her, it found her bag,
Read it, I pleaded; later she replied.

Later when she did read,
She smiled and blushed, and was done quick.

Two pages of beautiful handwriting,
And five minutes of heartache that were mine
Yielded this, her reply:
“I have read the story before,
It’s plagiarized.”

I looked at my arms and the veins,
Swollen courtesy of the gym,
Maybe some blood, would have spoilt
Her inner plagiarism detector software of a mind.


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