How to Choose YOUR Law School

Time to choose which law school is best for you?

Let’s face it, cracking CLAT is tough! It takes time, discipline and a lot of dedication to get into the top 300 ranks. Top 300 ensures that you’ll get into a good NLU and if you continue to work hard as well as be aware of the opportunities, you will do good in life.

What if you don’t score that well? The ranks beyond 1000 will either get you into a lower NLU, some of which do not have the proper infrastructure to nurture quality law students (Students toil hard anyway).

The process of choosing a law school is equally daunting, whether you are at rank 800 or 8000. With legal education becoming increasingly popular, the number of law schools in the country is on the rise. While the increasing popularity is good, it makes the choice tougher for the aspirants.

These are a few pointers for law students on choosing a law school


The location of the law school plays a vital role in the life of the students who attend it. While a law school may have good infrastructure and even good faculties, a premier location ensures Exposure and Opportunities for law students.

A student studying in law school X in city Y which is a small town situated in the remote part of the state will have relatively fewer opportunities as compared to another law student in law school A in city B which is a metro city.
The number of competitions that take place, paralegal work, long term internships, conferences and debates and a lot of other opportunities are available to someone studying in a big city like Delhi, Mumbai etc.

It’s better to choose a small college in a big city than doing the opposite.


Everything said and done, it all comes down to one thing which is academics. One cannot ace law school without putting in the required efforts in academics. In order to have good command over the subjects, there has to be a good faculty to guide the student through the subject.

Experienced faculties are empirical in choosing a law school. Sadly, the majority of teachers in most law schools are Assistant Professors with little or no experience. While giving a chance to freshers is important, the ratio of experienced and fresher teachers is very important.

It must be considered before choosing a law school.


As a law student, whether in college or beyond, you will always have the need to network, to make connections. This is important because the industry is knitted that way, a person who knows more people goes more places.

As a law student with almost nothing to offer to the people you want to connect to, it helps if you share a connection, especially the connection of a law school. The easiest way is to enter a law school and make connections with the senior-most batch, you get a 5-year window for the connection to grow in the field and then help you in the time of need.

If you go to a college with a strong and accomplished alumni base, you’ll find people from your college at good firms and connecting with them is easier.

Read about the most influential alumni associations of the world here.


If lawyers are warriors then libraries are their sword and research databases their armour. One cannot stress enough on the need to have a quality library. Everything that you MUST do in law school comes to the library at some point of time. Moots, debates, papers, exams and any other events that take place in law school.

The library also has to be equipped with research database subscriptions like SCCOnline, Westlaw etc. There are law colleges in the country who do not have a well-equipped law library and even if they do, the library timings do not allow the students to avail the facilities. So there must be a good law library and the timings should be such that whenever the student needs, it can be accessed.

Co-Curricular activities

A law college must be one which promotes events like moots and debates and not just their own annual event but the participation of their students. These events play a major role in the development of law students. The college must also promote research by encouraging their students to write more and more quality research papers.

Sadly, the majority of colleges only focus on academics and the student misses out important exposure. These events are a platform to learn and grow and also to meet new people from the legal industry. So choose a college which has a solid track record in these activities.

If you could not crack the top NLUs and are brainstorming on which college to choose, I hope this article narrowed your choices.

To know more about colleges, read our law school reviews here.  Also, read our article on what to do if you got a low CLAT UG/PG rank.

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