How to Choose a Specialisation in Law School?

This question was asked by Varun Mathur on Savitha Jagadeesan’s career advice page here.


In the very next semester I am required to choose a specialisation course, however I am still confused as to what I should go for.

Corporate law interests me as it is a well developed field however to the contrary IP law is emerging.

Could you please enlighten me on the various career opportunities associated with the above mentioned fields and also the stability so involved?


There are a lot of legal specialisations one can do nowadays, IT Law is emerging, infrastructure law, PE Law and Tax also are various specialisations that require a focused path.

In order to choose a specialisation, I think interest in that area of law makes a lot of difference. Another factor is of course money and position.

In corporate law the avenues are immense and most firms pursue this as mainstream practice so there is no dearth in avenues open to you.

Legal counsels/law firm practice/starting your own firm are all possible.

On IP Law- patent agents are a very specialised practice and that requires you to have a science background and pass the exam for a patent agent.

Most patent agents are paid well and well sought after both my firms and companies.

Trademark is another area, where you can either work within a law firm, or choose a company such as an FMCG company which has a huge IP Portfolio that would allow you to work in both prosecution and oppositions in trademark.

In any specialisation you must do the research to figure out the practice and the partners/colleagues in a set-up and what would be your role as you make your decision.

On which specialisation to take, I think internships can help quite a bit.


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