INTERVIEW: How to Become a Corporate Lawyer with JGLS’ LLM in Corporate & Financial Law?


As a law student many questions plague one’s mind. Whether it is choosing the right specialisation or the right career path, it certainly helps if you get the right guidance. The best way to make the right choice is to hear, firsthand, from someone who has been in that position before. 

In this article, we talk with Dhrumil Sanghvi who works as a senior associate with a corporate law firm. He shares his experience as a professional and all the steps he took to become ready for a successful corporate career as a student. 

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

Hi, I am Dhrumil Sanghvi. I have completed my LL.B. from the G.J. Advani Law College in 2019. Then I completed my LL.M. in Corporate & Financial Law, the flagship blended program offered by Jindal Global Law School in collaboration with upGrad. I have been working as a Senior Associate with a corporate law firm for a few years now.

2. How did you decide or what inspired you to choose this specific field as your chosen area of practice?

Even while pursuing my LL.B., I developed an intense interest in Corporate Law. It was when I started practicing with a corporate law firm that I knew this was the field in which I wanted to specialize. I wished to continue with my practice which is why pursuing a degree abroad did not appeal to me very much. I also did not want to mug up the redundant theories and syllabus just to give exams. I was looking for an international university-level curriculum with practical teaching and learnings that I can apply in real life.

3. Looking at your journey from the perspective of a law student, do you think there’s something aspiring legal professionals should do to become ready for a career in this field?

I would say most of our education, especially law, is very heavy on theoretical teaching. Unlike, say an MBA which has a case-study approach, law is heavy on reading the principles and getting acquainted with the body of rules, and previous rulings. So, when one graduates and starts practicing it in real life, it is then that one realizes the importance of practical teaching. So while theory is very important, it is equally important to develop a practical understanding of the field’s applications.

4. Could you share some specific examples during your course of study that helped you as a professional?

First of all, the course was very immersive. The peer group is very competitive. Your batch is a mix of fresh LL.B. graduates, seasoned practitioners, and mid work-ex professionals who are looking for the next leg of growth. So you get exposure to a wide variety of ideas and thought processes. Not to mention the world-renowned faculty. JGLS is after all a top-ranked law school. The best part is every course has an element of real life application – I now know the theory but I also know how to use it! 

5. How important or beneficial do you think is a specialised LLM when it comes to this field?

 It is extremely important to acquire a specialist’s in-depth knowledge, skills, and experience needed for a long and prosperous career in one area of law. LL.B. is a general degree. It gives an entry gate into the field but to actually grow and thrive, specialization is a necessity. That is how one strives to become the master in their chosen field.

6. Any parting words of advice for our young readers? 

I would suggest starting to recognize an area of interest early on. It could be corporate finance, intellectual property, or criminal law. It is very important to know your strengths as well as your interests. I would say look beyond academic excellence and find an area where you want to specialise and build a niche for yourself.

Are you, too, looking to make a career in corporate law? Explore this LL.M. in Corporate & Financial Law by Jindal Global Law School in collaboration with upGrad here. 

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  1. A very useful blog for students who are stuck in between vast career choice in law field.


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