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How GNLU’s Legal Services Committee Got 235 People to Turn up to Donate Blood


By Deepshi Singh

Established by way of Section 4(k)of the “Legal Service Authorities Act, 1987” , the Legal Aid Cell provides assistance through a variety of methods including traditional casework analysis, summary advice, self-help, community legal education, community development and policy reform initiatives.

Blood Donation Camp

It has been a GNLU tradition and most importantly an LSC tradition to organize blood donation camps every year in the University Campus.


The practice began in the year 2008 when for the first time the University collaborated with the Gandhinagar Civil Hospital for organizing the camp in the University premises.

Thereafter Indian Red Cross Society became partners for this venture in the year 2009, and for the next few years GNLU partnered with “Prathma Blood Center” which is operated by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

In the year 2014, The Ahmedabad Chapter of the Indian Red Cross Society was once again roped in.

The Legal Service Committee of GNLU had an active role to play in the organization of the camp and took care of all the operational and logistical details regarding the same. The event witnessed around 100 donations.


The Recent Camp.

On the occasion of its 11th Foundation Day on the July 17, 2015 a Blood Donation Camp was conducted in collaboration with the Indian Red Cross Society. The Member Secretary of the Gujarat State Legal Services Authority was the Chief Guest for the occasion.

A two week planning prior to the execution of the event was instrumental in making this camp a huge success. The Legal Service Committee was divided into four teams for this purpose


1. Public Relations Team: With the theme ” Spread the word to the world” the team focussed on getting maximum participation for the event.

2. Social Media Team:

Their Blog can be accessed HERE.

3. Resources Team: A very important part of organizing any activity in college involves a proper co-ordination with the college administration.

The financial aspects and other resources which involved faculty participation, invitation to the Chief Guest and taking care of all other issues which involved support from the administration of college was taken care of by this team.

It was only a result of the efforts of the resources team that the faculty members including the Director Mr Bimal Patel also turned up to grace the occasion and donate blood.

4. Operations Team: The other teams worked day and night, a fortnight before the event was scheduled to take place but the most important task still lay ahead.

Organizing an event which involves health sensitive issues is risky and involves a lot of responsibility.

Prior to any donation, a series of processes are involved which include conducting tests to assess the fitness level of donors, registering them, putting a proper medical set-up for the purpose of taking out blood and providing refreshments to the donors after the have successfully donated blood.

The operations team was also divided into sub-teams which handled each of these departments effectively as a result of which the the camp could be conducted smoothly and without any chaos.


Breaking all previous records, the camp witnessed massive participation from the students, faculty members as well the staff of the college and hostels and as many as 235 people turned up for registrations out of which 170 could successfully donate.

With currently four batches on campus and student strength of around 600, this overwhelming response bears a testimony to the efforts of members of GNLU-LSC who volunteered endlessly to make this event a success.


For more information on the Legal Services Committee, Gujarat National Law University you may visit  the website HERE or Facebook Page HERE

To associate with the GNLU-LSC for any venture you may Contact the Student Representative: Mr. Akshay Kharbanda at [email protected]

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  1. I would say this as “GNLU Publicity” by Lawctopus… It is not something new… Lawctopus do have some favorites…

  2. Law College Dehradun organizes a blood donation camp every year on Law day, previous year there were more than 400 donations. Such efforts too must be appreciated. They have a “Legal Aid Society” which organizes this camp.

  3. Something similar was done at RGNUL too. 400 students and almost 70+ donations

    Cover it if you can. 🙂



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