How did these law students take a leap ahead in professional skills?

How did these law students take a leap ahead in professional skills?

The fellow who drank it is the best person to tell you about the taste of wine. We have been promoting the NUJS-iPleaders business law course over here for some time – but the best people to tell you whether the course is worth taking for a law student are the law students who have already taken the course and successfully finished it.

Let us introduce you to some of the students of the first batch of the course who have just finished the course and wrote the final exams in August. How did the course help their career?

Jhanak Singh from Amity Law School, Delhi


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“I am a 5th year law student of Amity Law School (BBA LLB) and I am also pursuing CS from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). I have also accomplished a diploma in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) from Indian Law Institute, and completed a certificate course in Medical Law from Institute of Medicine and Law, Mumbai.

I have harboured interest in Corporate Laws and after gaining adequate experience I aim at establishing my own law firm someday.

I undertook the Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws provided by iPleaders in association with NUJS, Kolkata, which is one of the most reputed law schools. I undertook this diploma since it is exhaustive in its syllabus and involves a lot of practical learning in the areas of my interest, i.e. Structuring a business, ESOP Planning, Sweat Equity, Company Policies and Compliances, IP related law, Tax Strategies, Corporate Governance (to name a few).

This diploma facilitates the learners with excellent, to- the- point study material which is based on practicalities, interesting and satiates the learners quest.

The Webinar Sessions conducted with expertise of resource persons in various fields has been of great help and the queries put up are solved instantly which is not only amazing but commendable and helps in generating interest in the learner to achieve more and learn more. Perhaps the only thing this course demands is the honesty to go through its study material to change the way you perceive business laws.

Finally, I would like to say that iPleaders is doing an amazing job which is worthy of great appreciation. They are indeed leaders in ‘Intelligent Legal Solutions’. Their system is just impeccable and result oriented. Being associated with iPleaders has given me an insight into the intricacies of Law and Management.

Their contribution to my success is incredible and cannot be expressed in words.”


Aniket Pandey from UPES, Dehradun



“I am AniketPandey a final year student pursuing Integrated B.B.A. LL.B(Corporate Law) (Hons.) from University of Petroleum & Energy Studies. It was in late July, 2012 that I came across this course while searching for such courses which I can pursue parallel to my regular degree programme that too through distance mode.

Although I am specializing in Corporate laws I had very limited understanding of business and corporate law nuances and the credit is going to respective law schools for designing such irrelevant course curriculum. Thanks to the course that it came to the rescue at the right time and developed a practical approach that a budding lawyer must have. This was the reason that compelled me to opt for the course.

Initially, I was skeptical of what the course will offer and whether it will it be really beneficial to me as a Corporate Law student. However, after studying for a year now I would say that this course is a must take for anyone from lawman to layman as it furnishes comprehensive and exhaustive understanding of business laws and how exactly an entrepreneur should structure the business or a lawyer for that matter who wants to advise a client.

After completing this course I have developed a sense of confidence that I can advice on critical issues from the structuring of business to arrangement of funds for the business, securing Intellectual Property of the businesses and many other significant aspects of normal day to day business of the organization. This includes strategizing dispute resolution and litigation. Perhaps the only thing the course demands is the honesty of going through the study material and by doing so you can expect that it will change how you perceive business law.”

Apoorva Thakur from IP University, Delhi


Apoorva Thakur is a litigator in Delhi at the trial courts and the High Court. She is a graduate of IP university. Why do litigators like Apoorva join the NUJS diploma course? This is what Apoorva has to say about her experience:

“There are quite a few things that helped me to make up my mind to take this course. The first reason was the amazingly-elaborate and sensibly made syllabus of the course. The ‘NUJS’ brand was also a compelling factor. The sample chapter that I had managed to download before enrolling for the course led me to belive that I can expect good-quality study material from this course. I had thought (and rightly so) that the online nature of the course would allow me to enjoy a convenience and flexible structure, while saving a lot of my time and energy. My desire to challenge myself by studying (and surviving) the field of ‘business laws’ was a major motivation too, because anything connected to business and commercial laws always left me in an utterly confused state in law school! I also dream to step into the shoes of an entrepreneur in some stage of my life.

So far I have found the study material to be informative, simple, detailed and yet, to-the-point; which is an extremely rare combination! With respect to other course content, like webinars, contact classes, practice tests, quizzes, etc., I must remark that the iPleaders Team is working hard to devise innovative ways of teaching a field that may otherwise be perceived as ‘boring’ by many like me!! The exam-schedule offers considerable ‘cooling-gaps’ in between, and exam questions are intelligently framed.

The course has already begun to benefit me in terms of the confidence I have gained from heightened conceptual clarity of the field of business laws. Finally, I would just like to say that the iPleaders Team is doing a good job of living up to the message that their logo carries – “Intelligent Legal Solutions”!!”


Shreya Sharma from Government Law College, Mumbai


Shreya Sharma is a student of the 4th year in Government Law College, Mumbai, who took the diploma course last year. What can law students like her expect from the course? Shreya shares her experience:

“I got to know about this course last year through a friend and I am glad I went for it.

The course is an online one conducted over the duration of a year. The syllabus is exhaustive and also includes practical learning, videos, drafting exercises and regular tests. It includes structuring of business, corporate governance, contract negotiation, corporate governance, tax strategies, IP Licensing and the list goes on. The exam schedule is stretched over a specific period and one can give it whenever convenient within that time frame.

The language used is easy to understand and the concepts are explained using day to day examples. The organizers are extremely helpful and easy to approach in case of any doubts. We have webinar sessions which are usually conducted on Saturdays with experts from various fields.

For me this course is extremely enjoyable. It is not unduly burdensome and I am able to pursue studies and co-curricular activities simultaneously. One doesn’t have to slog or anything. All you have to do is take out a few hours every week for it.”

Lavina Manghnani from Government Law College, Mumbai


Lavina Manghnani is a fourth year law student at Government Law College, Mumbai – who is doing this business law course apart from doing CS. While doing Law + CS, a popular option anyway, why did she choose to pursue the diploma course? This is what she said:

“I am a 4th Year law student of Government Law College, Mumbai. I am also pursuing CS at the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. I have recently appeared in the Professional Program of this course. In addition to these, I am pursuing the Diploma in Entrepreneurship Business and Administrative laws provided by iPleaders in association with NUJS, Calcutta.

I would say it is not impossible or difficult to pursue all these courses at the same time, it just requires four C’s, Clarity in thought, Careful planning, making appropriate Choices and Commitment. Firstly, there is a need to have clarity with regard to reasons for doing a particular course. I chose to do CS not only because I wanted to develop my interest in Corporate Laws but also because I wanted to gain some exposure in the subjects forming a part of the syllabus of the Institute which do not form a part of the Law School syllabus.

The reason for taking up the iPleaders course is because it is exhaustive in its syllabus and involves a lot of practical learning in the areas of my interest. Also, it has a flexibility of learning according to an individual’s convenience and time availability. They arrange for excellent Webinars with experts in various fields on weekends. Also, this course stands above a lot many other Distance Learning courses in respect to the doubt clearing, feedback and suggestion aspects. In case of any doubts or clarity in concepts they are just a phone call or text away.

They had also organized a contract Drafting Marathon during the summer which was one of a kind. Their schedule for assessments are organized and planned ahead of time which gives one a heads up to clear their calendars for the same.”

Jahan A. Chokshi graduate of Government Law College, Mumbai


Jahan A. Chokshi, student of our diploma course had some interesting experiences when he mentioned our course to the interviewing partner, while interviewing with some top law firms of India in Mumbai for joining their real estate practice. In his own language:

“I come from a family of solicitors – and whenever I go for law firm interviews, they ask me why I am not appearing for the solicitor exams. I tell them that I am more interested in gaining practical experience in various sectors of the legal industry which is not covered in the Solicitor Exam Syllabus – and I point them to the line in my CV that talks about this NUJS diploma course.

In multiple interviews, I was commended for my choice – as I explained to the interviewing partner the various skills I am learning in this course. One major breakthrough was that I was able to explain in the interview how my knowledge of Corporate Law in relation to FII and FDI will help even in a real estate practice which is one of my core practice areas.

My interviewer then wanted to see the syllabus of the course and made a point that it does not waste a lawyer’s /student’s time in going through the statutes which he has already learned in college, but rather exposes them to an entirely new array of subjects and issues, which other courses are not even touching until now. Another important merit of the course which all the prospective employers appreciated is that no study leave is to be taken for the course and that it is an online program.

Especially if you are a law graduate who did not attend a National Law School, and if you feel that you missed out with respect to the current industry practices and knowledge of commercial laws – don’t let it be a drawback for your legal career, this course can put you right at the top of the game.”

Are you interested? Enrollment for the new batch is going on, so hurry! You can enroll till 15th September. Click here to find out more.

This is not just another diploma course, this is a giant skill building initiative to teach essential skills like contract drafting and negotiation, business structuring, efficient tax planning, how to obtain business licenses,  export or import, take advantage of SEZ, STPI or other Government of India schemes, investment law or raising foreign syndicated loans, how to protect or monetize your your intellectual property, information technology law (covering areas like e-commerce, data protection and cloud computing) and a lot of other essential knowledge and skills!

All you need to do is access the course from anywhere in the world on your computer or smartphone, spend about 3-4 hours a week, and follow our course material comprising of interactive videos, reading materials, mind maps, process documents and checklists.

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