HNLU Raipur’s Placements 2016: Stats

Total number of students: 166

Number of students who sat for placements: 104

Total number of offers (including LLMs and Fellowships): 80

Total acceptances (one student might get multiple job offers): 72

Largest recruiter and acceptances: Chhattisgarh Ministry of Law & Legislative Affairs (16)

Second largest recruiter and acceptances: Quislex (8)

Lawctopus would like to congratulate the HNLU students for the excellent placements! 

The faculty co-ordinators of the RCC (Recruitment Coordination Committee) were Dr. Y. Papparao, Ms. Balwinder Kaur Sandhu and Mr. Shyamtanu Paul.

The Student co-ordinators were Subhro Sengupta, Pratibhanu Singh Kharola, Tushar Joshi and Ishita Mathur.

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Detailed breakup of placements
Fellowships / Courses Offers No. of Acceptances
Teach for India Fellowship 1 1
LAMP Fellowship 1 1
WTI-CWS Course on International Trade & Policy 1 1
World Trade Institute, Bern / University of Vienna / Goethe University, Frankfurt / University of Barcelona (IELPO) 1 1
World Trade Institute, Bern 1 1
Queen  Mary University, London / City University, Hong Kong 1 1
Macquaire University, Sydney 1 1
King’s College, London 1 1
Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan 3 3
Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas, Mumbai 2 2
AZB & Partners, Mumbai 2 2
Athena Law Associates 3 3
Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas – TSG 4 2
Khaitan & Co., Mumbai 1 1
ICICI Bank 1 1
Chhattisgarh Ministry of Law & Legislative Affairs 19 16
Sushant Singh & Associates 1 1
JLFS Pvt. Ltd. 1 1
VSA Legal 1 1
S.S. Rana & Co. 1 1
Quislex 9 8
DMR Legal 1 1
TPM Solicitors 3 2
ALG Law Offices 1 1
DPSA Legal 1 1
IMS Learning Resources, Mumbai 1 1
Samvad Partners 2 2
Chambers of Mr. Sajan Poovayya, Sr. Adv. 1 1
Wadia Gandhy & Co. 1 1
Advaya Legal, Mumbai 1 1
Pangea3 2 2
OSC Knowledge Centre 1 1
Preeti Suri Associates, Delhi 1 1
Flipkart 1 1
Corporate Legal, Raipur 1 1
Mundkur Law Partners, Bengaluru 1 1
Amicus Services 1 1
Hemanth Sahai Associates, Mumbai 1 1
P&C Legal, Mumbai 1 1
Khaitan Sud & Partners 1 1
PDS Legal, Delhi 1
Total 80 72


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  1. The average placement is less than 6 lakh per month, chhattisgarh law misistry is not a job it’s just a training contract for a year, only 12 decent placements out of 166; YUCK

  2. I am congratulating the HNLU Raipur. This type of information will give an opportunity to the students to understand the nature of offers and actual placements. My heartfull wishes to all selected candidates. Your journey is commenced now.

    • So students choosing litigation, higher studies, government jobs, and civil services are inferior to those who chose law firms? Why is it that people believe that only the top law firm jobs are “decent placements”? There are a hell of a lot of other career avenues in the legal field. There are so many law students who want to enter into bureaucracy and politics and other areas, but their choice is inferior to those who chose to follow the corporate trail of well-versed financial hyperbole.

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