HNLU Protests Against Apathetic, Sexist Administration #PinjraTod

On 27th August, 2018 the Chhattisgarh High Court held that the re-appointed of the ex-Vice Chancellor of Hidayatullah National Law University, Mr. Sukh Pal Singh (from 2014) was illegal.

In 2014, Mr. Sukh Pal, along with the EC, amended the University Codes in such a manner that it allowed him to extend his tenure beyond the allowed limit. The High Court, with its recent order, has held that such amendments are beyond the prescribed powers of the council.

Further, the students of HNLU were also informed that the VC was contending the order with an appeal.

The Student Body Association of HNLU strongly opposes this appeal and wishes for the Mr. Sukh Pal Singh to file his official resignation immediately. We also contend that henceforth, he has absolutely no power with relation to his previous duties as a vice chancellor.

hnlu pinjra todIn the past, the administration of HNLU has been obviously sexist in its approach to several everyday issues. For instance, the girls have to enter the hostel exactly before 10:30 PM every day.

However, a simple questioning of the guards will prove that the boys are allowed not only out of their hostels, but also out of the campus after 10:30 PM.

A warden, who is also a teacher, prevents the hostel residents from bringing up issues that affect them, in the fear that this very same warden might carry over a prejudice against the complainer, in the classroom.

The students of HNLU have refrained from protesting for a very long time, due to an amalgamation of reasons, including but not limited to- fear of repercussions when it comes to our grades, personal threats by faculty members including phone calls to our parents even though we are consenting adults, and the fear of being singled out and targeted by the wardens for continuous and capricious room-checks etc.

Today, the student body today is protesting, in order to make the administration understand our side of the story and to change the apathetic way in which they treat our lack of fulfillment in everyday needs.

The warden has already verbally resigned due to pressure from the protest (we further demand an official resignation), but the ex-vice chancellor seems to keep making statements on media platforms as if he still holds power.

It is necessary to stress here, that he has committed several wrongs against the students in the past and that since the High Court order; the students refuse to acknowledge him as our head any longer.

The students have been protesting since the night of 27th August, and this protest will carry on until all our demands are met (attached herewith, are the demands of the SBA of HNLU).

Not only does this protest show the dedication of the students towards the cause of this protest, but it also highlights the shortcomings of the administration.

A protest does not simply occur, and the student body has to be truly unhappy with the current situation in order to take such a drastic step.

Here are a brief summary of the demands of the SBA:

  1. Sukh Pal Singh must no longer occupy the post of vice chancellor
  2. The library timings must be extended from 10 PM to 3 AM
  3. The Wardens of the Halls of the Residence be independent and not an academic representative
  4. A recruiting officer must be appointed in order to fill any vacancy that persists amongst the faculty/administration
  5. A review commission must be constituted to review the working of the University
  6. The students must be provided channels to give feedback to the faculty members
  7. A student manual of all the rules of the University must be consolidated etc.

At our time of need, HNLU calls out to its NLU fraternity and hopes that they are willing to extend us a helping hand in the form of official letters of support etc.

Update: There has been a meeting conducted between the faculty and administration members and the student body which was highly unfruitful.

They have neither come out openly in support of the students, nor have they refused to acknowledge the fact that they stand opposed to us.

For a detailed document containing the demands of the HNLU SBA please click here.


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