HNLU’s NewsLetter Samvaad: 4th Issue on Legal Entrepreneurs [DOWNLOAD]


Download the issue here. Excerpts:

sachin malhanSachin Malhan (LST, Rainmaker, Inclusive Planet)

But those days of sitting in our hostel rooms, late at night, over bottles of, er, thums-up and kebabs, and planning out LST were so awesome! Nothing like ‘creating’ something ground-up.

We used ICQ chat software, early email systems, a basic website etc. to interact with students.

Like a wise man once said: “To be independent of public opinion is the first formal condition of achieving anything great.”

Chetan Tripathy (Project Cloud)

Ultimately, the lessons I took were not of failure or success but rather the skills that I picked up along the way which help me even today.

PS- we love our competitor

Ramanuj Mukherjee (iPleaders)

You’d notice that all the successful legal startups such as LST, Rainmaker, Legally India or Lawctopus [hey! that’s us] have been started by young lawyers or law students. I feel that for law students to do that, we must encourage and support them in a big way.

Arjun Sheoran (Law Khoj, Legalsutra)

For example if one searches for the word murder in Google, the first hit it is murder the movie, which is wholly irrelevant for legal research. So, I wondered if it was possible to build a search engine which will not just do contextual research, customised to a legal researcher’s requirements.

Last month I launched an android app for conveniently displaying the E-Display Board of the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

In the coming time I plan to come out with something similar for other High Courts and the Supreme Court with added functionality of case status search etc .

Hrishikesh Datar (Vakil Search)

Unlike a masters or a counsel practice, we don’t fit into an existing institutional set-up, nor are we participants in an existing system. 

It is a revolution we want to create in a world hitherto dominated by mom and pop lawyers and law firms. Our vision is that the default for a person needing legal or professional assistance should be to go online on his computer or tablet.

Tanuj Kalia (Lawctopus)

Why weren’t we featured? 😛


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