Here’s Why You Should Pick NLUD [Via Glasnost]

Read the full article on Glasnost here. Excerpts below:

We understand that venturing out of the safe environs of home and school can be a scary thought. But fear not! NLU-D is as homelike as it gets.

From parent-like authorities making sure we’re in bed by 9, to protective wardens ensuring that we aren’t out there in the big, bad world beyond the unearthly hour of 6 PM, to the administration sheltering us from witnessing any inappropriate behavior like (gasp) holding hands, this place will ensure that you live in perpetual fear of getting grounded.

You won’t miss your parents at all!


Juggling projects, exams, and extra-curriculars (lol), besides teaching you how to multitask, also adapts you to a two-hour sleep cycle. The dark circles under your eyes help you fit in with the associates at work instantly!

Read the full article on Glasnost here.
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