Internship Experience @ HelpAge India (Medical Mobile Unit), Himachal Pradesh: A month worth savoring

Intern Details

Name: Sneh Bhimta

College: College Of Legal Studies, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

Year: 1st year

Name of the Organisation

HelpAge India


Duration of Internship

This is with reference to my internship with HelpAge India medical mobile unit from 11th December to 10th January. As it was my first internship I was pretty much excited.

The timings were from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. however you could reach as late as 10.30. It was five days a week. I had read earlier about internships and interning with NGO seemed an interesting option. So I decided to go for a NGO.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar is the state head of HelpAge India in Himachal Pradesh so I sent a mail along with my CV and a recommendation letter to him at

I got the confirmation letter within a week with a detailed description of my first two weeks share of work which included the field work and going to different villages with their team and the last two weeks which included writing the case studies.

First Impression

Social work teaches you a lot more than just academics and this NGO provided me with perfect opportunity.

On my first day I was introduced to other staff by Mr. Hemraj who was the coordinator and I was made familiar to the work culture. Everyone working there had something more in them for society than just earning money.

Type of Work

I was to work with Mobile Medicare Units and our main work was to facilitate health facilities to various villagers through our camps.

During the office days my primary motive was related to data entry but it was the field work which was pretty awesome.

I visited many villages and as a result I got an opportunity to meet new people. Work was not tiring considering the nature of it.

Catering to needs of old people through NGO was a good experience.

My time with Mobile Medicare Unit

During my days in field I learned a lot about the process of achieving targets efficiently within a short period of time.

For field work I had to travel with mobile medicare unit to our area Luhri. The team consisted of a doctor, a pharmacist, a driver and me as a helping hand.

We travelled to Bharara , Oughli , Parlog, Mahunag, Satyawara and Chebri , visiting one site in a day.

Main task

Our main work was to provide all aged people above 60 access to healthcare facilities . We had to create a database of all old people and register them with a separate ID.

I would like to mention my particular experience with a man named Dunni Chand in village Oughli. He had severe joint pain and nearest healthcare centre was miles away. The Mobile Medicare Unit helped him in previous camps. He lauded the work of our team with the work of NGO’s in such areas where government presence is rarely detected.

Safety : The locality is safe for girls and there are no such safety issues.

Food and the transport: Please get something packed or else you’ll starve. Autos and private taxis are hardly available so you will probably have to take a bus and if you miss the bus then you’ll have to stay at the guest house as you will be left with no other option.

The Place: It is one of the most visited tourist place in Himachal. The main attractions are Hot Springs on the bank of the river Satluj and river rafting .




I felt happy being a part of HelpAge India.

My 1 month internship with HelpAge India Medicare Unit was pretty enterprising. I not only travelled a lot but also had an enthralling experience, one which will be with me forever.

My time with HelpAge was pretty good and I would recommend interning with NGO to anyone who has a month with him and do the odd thing than just the desk job.

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