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Today we bring to you exam-based constitutional law topics for Haryana Judiciary. These topics mentioned below have been identified from the past three previous years’ question papers. Now you don’t have to waste your energy doing that. 

Read, prepare and conquer your next judiciary exam with this primer.

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Let’s begin!

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Important General Knowledge Topics for Haryana Judiciary (2014)

S. No. Topic
1 Article 227 (Power of Superintendence by the High Court)
2 Article 233 of the Constitution
3 Fundamentals of governance under the Indian Constitution
4 Anti-defection Schedule under the Indian Constitution
5 Supreme Court
6 Residuary power of legislation of Parliament
7 President of India

General Knowledge Topics for Haryana Judiciary (2017)

S. No. Topics
1 Constitutional safeguards for civil servants
2 Article 143
3 Fundamental Rights of Foreigners
4 Writs (Article 32)

General Knowledge Topics for Haryana Judiciary (2018)

S. No. Topics
1 Article-21 (Fundamental Rights)
2 Supreme Court
3 Attorney General of India
4 Fundamental Duties
5 The doctrine of legitimate expectation
6 Reference by President (143(1)
7 Constitutional Bodies

General Knowledge Topics for Haryana Judiciary (2021)

S. No. Topics
1 Current Chief Justice of India
2 8th Schedule
3 Uniform Civil Code (DPSP)
4 President
5 Article 360
6 Fundamental Duties
7 Constitutional posts


As you can see, in Haryana Judiciary questions from Fundamental Duties, Article 143, Supreme Court, President, and Fundamental Rights are always asked. That is why aspirants must not skip these crucial topics while preparing for their next Haryana Judiciary exam.

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