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Internship Experience @ Hariani & Company, Pune: Experience Work Culture in a Real Estate Firm

Name of the Student

M. Nikitha

New Law Academy, Pune

Name of the Organisation

Hariani & Co.

Koregaon Park

Pune -411001

Modus Operandi

You can write to them by the email ID provided on their firm’s website along with your CV & Cover Letter and can follow-up via telephonic conversations.

Once selected, we are informed to attend an interview in which we are asked some random questions like how did you come to know about the firm? etc.

Details of Pune Branch

Email ID – [email protected]

Concern person – Lalitha Ma’am

Though you can get all these details in the firm website, I just wanted to save your click.

Duration of Internship and Timings

5th December, 2015 – 4th January, 2016

My Internship was of 4 weeks. But there were interns with the duration of one month or above.

As well,  if the associates are satisfied with our work we can apply for extension of our internship period.

The Office is working 5 days a week and on alternate Saturdays.

The firm timings are approximately 10 AM to 7 PM.


I stay in Pune so it was not a problem for me.

Yet one can easily find a PG in Pune.

First Impression? First Day?

On the First day I was given a form to fill which had few questions like my duration of Internship.

Why I choose Hariani & Co.? And few personal details like Contact details.

I was introduced to all the associates by one of my co-intern who was by then working in the firm.

From the very first day itself the work was assigned to me. All the Interns were expected to wear Formals. However on Saturdays we could wear Casuals.


The Office is small with two floors.

On the ground floor a cabin for the Partners, a library near the reception.

On the first floor two different cabins where the associates and the Interns work. And a cafeteria at its terrace.

Main task

Hariani is famous for its Real Estate areas of practice. I was with the non litigation team and my main task was Research.

My research work comprised of topics like Bombay Stamp Act, Indian Evidence Act, Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act, Maharashtra Tenancy and Agricultural Lands, National Pension Scheme, Redevelopment of Housing societies.

Apart from the research work, I even had few court visits and meetings along with the litigation team.

Work was assigned to us by any of the associates or by the Partners. Once done with the given work we were asked to explain in brief to the associate who gave us the work.

Work Environment? People?

All the associates were very friendly and kind. Whenever I made any mistake (I made a lot though ) they used to explain me in a very calm and peaceful manner. All the co-interns were also very helpful.

This was my first experience in a Real Estate firm which I practically enjoyed a lot. It was fun to work with the real estate team of Hariani.

In the leisure time we all used to discuss few current affairs and it was very entertaining.

Best thing

The best thing in Hariani is all the associates are very kind. They used to explain even the minute things in detail and then assist the work to the Interns.

If the Intern was not able to complete the work within the given time, the associates used to help us to some extent rather than being mad at us.

The other best thing was if the Interns had any important lecture to attend, they used to give exception for that particular time which was actually very supportive.

Bad thing

We were not allowed to go out during lunch, so the only option left was to bring lunch box.

Systems were very slow and few doesn’t work, so if the assigned work was to be submitted instantly, it becomes problematic.

The only place to relax was terrace with only a cafeteria.



Best Lessons

Nobody hands you an instruction manual when you start your legal career.

Much of what you need to know is not told to you. Much of what you need to know is learned the hard way, often from making mistakes.

Its not the certificate that you earn, its the knowledge you gain during your period of internship which will help you further in your career.

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