Virtual Internship Experience with Gurugram Police: Learnings in Cyber Security


Name, College & Year of Study

Bhavik Dalal, Mukesh Patel School of Technology and Management, Shirpur, 2019-2023

Name of the Organization

Gurugram Police Cyber Security Summer Internship 2021

Duration of Internship 

15/06/2021 to 12/07/2021

About the Internship

The cyber security summer internship is a great initiative by the Gurugram police which has held its legacy since the past 9 years and has been creating the best cyber ambassadors all over India.

This year the Commissioner of Gurugram police Shri K.K Rao had decided that no one who has applied for the internship should be rejected, so all the 5800 applicants approximately, who applied for the internship were selected with the sole goal of creating the army of next cyber ambassador of India.

The covid pandemic was converted to a boon for all the applicants by the commissioner sir. 

The Fellow Interns & Formalities 

The interns belonged to all diverse backgrounds such as B-Tech, M-tech, Law, etc. With an active participation of almost 3300 interns the internship was for a period for 1 month with regular Monday to Friday lectures with at least one guest lecture everyday and on lucky days maybe two or also three guest lectures.

This year the internship was in webinar mode so it was a one-way communication so the chats and microphones were disabled due to the large no of interns, but the excitement of us interns was surely reflected by the constant raise of hands in the zoom meetings as the lectures came to end. 

Brilliant Guest Lectures 

There were also question and answer sessions twice a week to solve our queries. The speakers of the guest series were excellent experts in their field. Each and every one of them gave us mind opening sessions and we surely learned many things from them.

Some of the lectures were so amazing that the guest speakers had to come again for a lecture because majority of us interns wanted them to come back and give more light on the topics they were discussing or to solve the doubts on the topics covered.

The whole internship was held together with the help of young officers of Gurugram Cyber Cell and Rakshit Tandon sir in association with safehouse tech. Rakshit Tandon sir was the backbone of the internship. He was always very energetic and excited for taking the lectures.

The morning sessions were almost conducted by him. Rakshit sir gave us loads and loads of information and he is truly a mentor to all the interns. He was never late for lectures and also insisted us to join 5 minutes prior so we do not miss anything. 

Lessons Learnt 

The one month internship has been a great change for me and I believe also for all the other interns, as we have learned so many things from the wide spectrum in the cyber security. Now it is our motto to spread cyber awareness and try to minimize cyber crimes in India.

Some of the interns have already started spreading cyber awareness by posting on social media, creating YouTube videos, writing blogs, hosting awareness programme in their societies, etc.

The goal is cyber safe India or as Rakshit sir always mentions cyber surakshit Bharat which seems to start accomplishing after this internship and surely all the interns will be great cyber ambassadors and will lead India to unachievable heights.

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  1. Internship at Pavan Duggal Associates is a great experience to sharpen one’s research skills and acquire in-depth knowledge about cyber law. This law firm deals extensively with diverse areas such as cyber security, cyberspace, and cyber laws. The firm is headed by Dr. Pavan Duggal who has been recognized as one of the top best cyber lawyers around the world by World Domain Day. Dr. Pavan Duggal has made an immense impact with an international reputation as an Expert and Authority on Cyber Law, Cyber Security Law, Artificial Intelligence Law & E-commerce law. The internship provides good exposure for students who want to explore their interest in cyber laws. Best suited for students in their first to third years of a five-year course since the internship is purely research based. Interning in this firm is a great opportunity to get a good understanding of cyber laws and learn about the developments taking place in this field as it is still an emerging field of law. ‘’Cyber Law demands relentless effort and impeccable expertise, both of which were hallmarks of my time at Pavan Duggal Associates”. I got to learn a lot in the extensive field of cyberspace. This internship gave me the idea of the current position of Cyber laws, and related rules and regulations not only in India but in the other countries of the world as well. It gave me an idea of the policies regulating cyber laws, the current position in Cyber security, cyber technology, etc., the statistics relating to cyber space and possible future trends. As Julia Child said, “Find something you’re passionate about and stay tremendously interested in it ”, I found my internship experience at this firm very interesting throughout. ‘’Internships which push your boundaries and embolden your character are few and far between”. My work at Pavan Duggal Associates handed me the opportunity to broaden my horizons by putting the onus on me. Internships at other places would only teach you about the current scenario of Cyber Law; however, an internship at Pavan Duggal Associates would prepare you for the future which lies ahead.

    The work assigned was mostly research-based and one has to submit the work allotted at the end of the day via email, as the work is reviewed on a daily basis, and after completion of the previous task then only interns are allotted with new (fresh) topics. The research was not restrained to the existing areas of Cyber Law, but rather involved extensive analysis of the emerging subsets of Cyber Law. Cyber Law is a field which contains multitudes and branches out into various avenues, it is imperative to relentlessly polish your skills and imbibe knowledge. By working on a myriad of topics, I was able to delve into various aspects of cyber law which were unknown to me before. Owing to rapid and relentless evolution of cyberspace, Cyber Law is constantly pushing the boundaries as well; such progress demands us to be on our toes and refine our prowess. At Pavan Duggal Associates, I was asked to research on various topics, each of which was instrumental in accentuating my insight and knowledge. ‘’The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” This internship helped me to learn in detail about the various cybercrimes in today’s world and implications of it. It gave me an idea of what’s the future of Cyber law is going to be. I got to research about the various case laws relating to the field of cyber law in India and in other countries as well and thus it helped me to gain so much knowledge. The internship helped me to get an idea about the upcoming policy and regulatory changes in cyber law in India and the ongoing debates around cyberspace. The mind is not a vessel that needs filling but a wood that needs igniting, and the internship programme at Pavan Duggal Associates did the job perfectly. This was an unpaid internship. The distinction between “assistant” and intern” is a simple one: assistants are paid, interns are not. But of course interns are paid, in experience.

    Internships are stepping stones which grant us an opportunity to imbibe traits and explore different facets of any field. This internship made my research skills to level up with every assigned work . It helped me level up my time management skills and analytical skills. Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can. This internship encouraged me to give my hundred percent. One gets to be sincere towards their work and obedience is instilled in this environment. There were no issues with respect to coordination in the internship despite it being virtual. There is a well thought out format with respect to submission of work. Despite receiving a plethora of research topics, each one was unique and required the utmost of efforts. Diligence and perseverance are traits which I truly inculcated by working at Pavan Duggal Associates, and I’m truly grateful for the experience.. As Benjamin Franklin once said : “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” , I felt involved in big projects while interning at Pavan Duggal Associates. By the nature of works assigned to me I can tell that the associates trusted us with responsibilities, this in turn this was very encouraging for me and kept me motivated. The diverse works assigned to me kept the work interesting and motivating. This internship was very helpful to me in enhancing my skills and I feel very grateful to have received this opportunity. One of the best things about interning at Pavan Duggal Associates has to be the opportunity of getting to work with Dr. Pavan Duggal himself.

    A maximum discipline is expected from every intern. The associates are friendly in nature and try their best in helping out the interns with their assigned work. Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. I’m very thankful to my mentor Lalit Sir. He was extremely helpful and guided me very well. The mentors were strict when it came to work, maintaining a great professional environment. At no juncture did I feel stranded or ill-equipped, thanks to the wisdom and generosity of my superiors. Blending a tremendous work ethic and tact, I felt more than equipped to perform to the best of my abilities. All of queries were duly addressed in time which allowed me to dive into my research. The interns were encouraged to give their best. We had to work 8-9 hours per day. However there was no pressure on the interns. I was given appropriate time to complete the work assigned to me, and even for some assigned work when I felt like I needed more time to complete the work, my deadline was extended . I was easily given sick leave when I fell sick and my leave application was accepted when I had to prepare and appear in my College semester examination. All these factors assisted in providing me an excellent environment to thrive as an intern and increase my knowledge and capabilities. Cyber Law requires immaculate expertise which can only be achieved by accruing experience and I was delighted to have that from my superiors.


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