Call for Submissions: The Green OPeds by Greener Things: No Fee, Submit by July 30

environment degradation workshop by vridhii bharat

About Greener Things

Greener Things- an initiative to develop a greener perspective to look at all kinds of things, a term broad enough to include each and every activity of every nation ranging from government actions to individual activities. It is an initiative started by a group of students of Gujarat National Law University.

This is independent of any sort of institutional attachments and wishes to develop an unbiased, independent and strong environmental perspective! This budding initiative which has seen the light of the day in April, 2020 aims to establish itself as a not-for-profit organisation comprising environment-friendly people who are dedicated to contributing fruitfully to the environment.

About the Blog

The Greener Things Blog is one of the many initiatives of the organisation through which it tries to develop an interdisciplinary approach towards environmental protection thereby creating awareness among people from all backgrounds, as we believe that protecting our mother earth is our collective duty. Interaction between public policy and sociology along with environmental policies is the special feature of our blog.

About The Green OPeds

Greener Things is starting with their new initiative called the Green OPeds. These will be short 100-200 word opeds or opinionated publications by authors exclusively on environmental topics, of both global and Indian nature. They will have to follow these guidelines:

  • It can be in any language but provided with an English translation.
  • It should be 100-200 words and based on some fact/newspaper report/government report/NGO report, etc.
  • It can be based on local, pan-Indian or global events.
  • It will be published uncensored but it should not be defamatory, in contempt of court or incite an offence. The blog will run a validity check on the underlying fact but not the correctness of the opinion as they will be opinions in nature and hence do not bear any adherence to those opinions which will be personal opinions of the authors and not of the blog.
  • The author of the Op ed will have a linkedin appreciation post and if it publishes 5 Op eds over the period of 2 months, a certificate of appreciation signed by the Editor-in-Chief.

It is a rolling submissions with a temporary submission deadline of 30th July 2021.

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