Got a Complaint Against an Event Organizer or an Opportunity Provider? Contact Us!

With so many opportunities and events being published on Lawctopus every day, it is inevitable that there will be complaints.

Some events may be badly organized.

Some organizers might not get back to you (if they’ve promised to get back to you, that is).

In some cases, you might sense a fraud.

And there might be other complaints as well.

If you feel that’s the case, and can back it up by facts (email exchanges, social media messages, etc.), please do contact us by emailing Tanuj at [email protected]

The subject line of your email should be ‘COMPLAINT’.

Please do mention your phone number in the email so that we can contact you.

And don’t worry, your details will be kept confidential.

Why doesn’t Lawctopus do a ‘check’?

We at Lawctopus are do not want to distinguish wheat from the chaff. We don’t think we should make a distinction between what’s a good opportunity vs. what’s a bad one. We leave that judgment to our readers.

(We, of course, never publish anything that is clearly fraudulent or sub-standard).

We believe most reasonable readers would do a prelimnary check before taking their participation in an event/opportunity further.


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