GNLU’s Global Maritime Annual Conference (GMAC); Submit Abstracts by Nov 30

GNLU’s Global Maritime Annual Conference (GMAC)

Gujarat National Law University, Gujarat (India) is organizing the Global Maritime Annual Conference (GMAC) on 9th and 10th January, 2013 at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India with special themes on Ocean Resources, Maritime Transportation and Insurance. 

GNLU is pleased to inform you that Global Maritime Security and Anti-Piracy Conference 2011 (GMSAC 2011) had focused on the themes of maritime security and anti-piracy.

GMSAC 2011 brought together experts from 35 nations and various international organizations, including NATO, EU and the UN.


Relevance of the conference themes: 

Exploration and exploitation of ocean resources, maritime transportation and marine insurances are three key challenges before the maritime nations and industry worldwide.

Challenges ranging from marine life management to extraction of manganese nodules buried deep inside the ocean beds have, never before, attracted such critical attention of the policy-makers.

Managing the exploration and operations in the oceans in a sustainable and symbiotic manner can only guarantee a long-term solution to the broader needs of the industry and the economy of developed and developing nations.

However, the research and development, the technological know-how, far-sighted visionary policies and ensuring this objective demands concerted and coordinated thinking and policy formulation at local as well global level.

Developed maritime nations of Europe, USA, Japan, Australia and New Zealand and their R&D institutions, global industrial conglomerates have made significant progress.

While the developing maritime nations of the remaining parts of the globe and their industrial houses are far more behind, least to say, fully aware of the enormous economic and ecological importance of twinning a sustainable policy and practice in the exploration of ocean resources and management of maritime transportation.



The stakeholders include global ocean resources companies and R&D institutions, maritime transport industry, shipping houses and insurance companies, financers of port development, infrastructure and logistics companies, government and port authorities and executives and operational managers, lawyers, capacity-building institutions, international organizations, among others, will tremendously benefit from the interactions and brainstorming sessions, which shall take place in GMAC 2013, with global partners and experts.

GNLU had carried out extensive consultations with the Govt. of India and numerous sea-faring nations before launching and intensifying the organisation of Global Maritime Security and Anti-Piracy Conference 2011.

This year, the organisers are planning to focus on issues of economic, technological development, capacity building, conservation and efficient management of marine resources.

Important Dates:

  • Last Date for Submission of Abstract: 30th November, 2012
  • Acceptance of Abstract:  7th December, 2012
  • Full Paper Submission: 25th December, 2012

In case if you have any doubt or query please feel free to contact us.

The interested participants are invited to send their abstract and full paper to [email protected], with the subject mentioned as “Abstract/Paper Submission GMAC 2013 ”.

Information brochure is here.


Submission guidelines are here.



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