GNLU Course on Military Laws and Practices [July 26-August 1]: Open for Law Students [UPDATED]

Military legal system in India was designed and implemented after the Mutiny of 1857 to prevent such situations to occur in the future.

The political situation of the country at that time was different and no consideration of Human Rights was given by the British Government. The system might have been the necessity of the times but in the present era of welfare state, the concepts of Human Rights, Fundamental Rights of the Armed forces personnel cannot be neglected.

In the present times, there is a need to value Rules of Natural Justice, Human Rights, and International developments in Military Laws in other countries of the world. The present course contains the various facets of human rights and fundamental rights and military justice system in India with comparative study of military justice systems in USA and UK.

GNLU provides one such unique course on Military Laws and Practices for 7 days, between 26th July and 1st August, 2015.

Note: We’ve been informed by GNLU that the course is open for law students.

The fee for the Military Laws Course is INR 15,000/-Rs. 10,000 for law students  including registration, lodging & boarding, tuition fee, study material, cultural visits, exams & access of online legal databases like West Law, Manupatra, J-store, Heinonline, Cambridge University Publication E Books, Oxford University Publication E Books, Oxford University Publication E Reference Books, World Bank E-books, and the legal database software of AIR, GLH and GLR.

The course brochure is here!


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