Internship Experience @ Global Legal Partners, New Delhi: State of the Art Library, Work on Property Disputes


Pronoy Chatterjee


Global Legal Partners, New Delhi

5-10 Partners.

Application Process

You need to drop in a mail along with a cover letter and your resume to

You need to apply well in advance i.e 3-4 months early.

You also need to check up on your application with the office by calling them.

A small telephonic interview can be taken so you need to be prepared for it.


June 1, 2015 – June 30, 2015.

First Day

The first impression was very good, as the location of the office was in a very important location of New Delhi. It is Behind Jantar Mantar in the Parliament Street.

Firstly, I had to enter my details in the internship register at the reception, and then give the receptionist two photographs of mine for passes to enter the Court.

The office is in Jeevan Vihar Building, where the office of L.I.C is situated.

It was an amazing office with all the amenities of a top law firm and a state of the art library which consisted of every law book, magazine, and journal related to law.

Separate lunch room was also provided. It is not a very big office, but it is very comfortable and very suitable for a law firm to function smoothly.

Main Tasks

The main task given to me was to research on various property disputes and criminal matters.

I was assigned cases related to property disputes.

Consumer law related cases were in high frequency. I had to brief various cases to Rajan Sir, and help them in advising him as to what should be the next approach of ours.

I prepared various mails for the clients and also helped in drafting of few petitions by the research work I had done.


The work environment was very friendly. The people there were very humorous and hard working.

The fellow interns were cooperative, friendly and shared knowledge with one another. The various associates and partners of the firm were tremendously hard working and helped every intern with utmost sincerity.

They were extremely professional and courteous in their approach. They even shared few light moments while having lunch and coffee.

Working with Rajan sir was really very motivating and a joyful experience as he joked around and at the same moment would be as strict as a principal in a school.

The helping staff of the office did a great job, and took care of the interns at every moment: whether it be providing with the court passes or it be the coffee provided by them at regular intervals!

Best things
  1. Free coffee.
  2. Opportunity to work on ongoing cases in the Supreme Court and other courts.
  3. Rajan sir is one of the greatest mentors for the interns as he shares his vast knowledge and experience in the most witty ways.
  4. Nice work environment and friendly staff.
  5. Comfortable office with all the amenities.
  6. Access to one of the best legal libraries which I have ever seen.
  7. Free access to wi-fi as well.
  8. South Indian food near the office in Jantar Mantar protest site area is a delight during the lunch time.
Bad things

No stipend, and less work in the month of June,



Biggest Lessons

The biggest lesson I learnt was that learning practical aspects of law is way higher than the subjective aspect. The functioning in a firm is of hard work and true dedication. Success comes to those who strive to learn every moment from each and every person whether be it the boss or the peon as a matter of fact.


It’s a must do internship for specifically 1st year students of law as they would learn a lot and be more serious towards their career as law in the coming future.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus' official views on the internship.

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