Internship Experience @ Global Legal Partners, Delhi: Read case files and attend court hearings



Duration of Internship

18th May 2015 to 16th June 2015

I was an intern at the law firm of Global Legal Partners for the summer 2015. The office is very near to cannaught place and the nearest metro station is Patel Chowk. Or rather I should say the office is at walking distance from this station. Well, I was in my 2nd year when I interned there.

The duration of my internship was from 18th May 2016 to 16th June 2016.

The office is nice and you will find a lot of books since there are inbuilt shelves around the office. The interns are provided with coffee and tea. Mr. Rajan used to guide us and assign us work everyday.

Mr. Rajan is sort of friendly but at the same time his mere presence intimidates every intern and associate at the office. If you are planning to intern at global legal partners then be sure you follow the instructions given by him otherwise you may end up in lot of trouble.

All the interns usually report by 9:30 AM and they can leave the office anytime but make sure that you inform Mr. Rajan before leaving. All other associates in the office do not interact much and they won’t assign you work until Mr. Rajan directs them to do so.

So there was nothing much that could contribute to my knowledge during this internship. There was lack of work.

Honestly, I was not given much work but only asked to read case files and attend court hearings. There was nothing productive.

To apply for internship one has to send their CV with a cover letter at [email protected] and thereafter a telephonic interview is conducted and finally you get a confirmation mail.

The good thing is that the confirmation mail will contain the name and phone numbers of the PG accommodation that are around the office area. I stayed at a PG in Kamla nagar.

One of the bad things is that there is no stipend. If you are looking for a learning experience or you are in your final year then I would suggest you not to do internship here.

Good things
  • Flexible timings
  • Good location ( Near CP)
  • Friendly atmosphere
Bad things
  • Lack of work
  • No learning experience
  • No stipend

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