The GJA is looking for communicative, motivated and bright students of various disciplines such as law, social sciences, humanities, political science, literature, communications,and journalism etc., willing to commit at least six months to work on various human rights education and research projects for its unpaid GJA Research Associate Program.

The applicant specifications are as follows:

1. BA/MA/MPHIL/LLB/JD/LLM/Phd. Students;

2. Excellent research and English writing skills;

3. Access to computer and computer literate;

4. Willing to work under tight deadlines;

5. Broad understanding of and willing to learn global justice and international human rights framework; &

6. Ability to commit a minimum of 6 months on a mutually agreed schedule.

Intern responsibilities includes:

1. research human rights developments;

2. draft reports, background notes, summaries and other documents;

3. provide information as and when required;

4. prepare presentations and materials on human rights law and issues;

5. carry out research on international and national law, case law and make summaries thereof;

6. assist in organizing and managing conferences, trainings and other events;

7. review, prepare, and distribute news and notes;

8. review, preparing, and distribute public information materials on social media; &

9. perform other tasks as assigned.


Email personal statement, resume, writing sample/s, and duly filled form (available HERE) to:


June 25, 2015

More information is HERE.

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  1. Hello there,
    Having worked as a member of GJA for more than five months, I can assuredly certify that the internship comprises highly challenging and interesting assignments that require exhaustive research and insightful analysis. Right from reviewing UN Human Rights Jurisprudence on diverse topics such as elder rights, terrorism and the Convention against Torture to undertaking informed debates on the merits of freedom of expression in cyberspace, the internship ensures we enjoy creative freedom while completing the assignments according to streamlined schedules. The elevation of members to higher positions is a highly rigorous process, based on merit and dedication to work, leaving no room for ‘randomness’.
    The insinuation regarding the head of the organization being abusive could not be further from the truth. Mr. Singh’s vast credentials have already been attested to by Bhagyashree. I would like to add that he is most compassionate, patient and gentle, dealing with individual and team concerns with equal fairness and dignity. He is extremely accommodating of the needs of individual members, and accords those who leave arbitrarily, the same respect, he accords to all of us. It is sad to read such baseless accusations as there could be hardly a more cordial and professional working relationship than that maintained by Mr. Singh with all team members, leaving no room for condescension, let alone abuse.
    The whole point of the internship, he often reminds us, is not merely to gain a deeper understanding of human rights violations but to strive to become better humans ourselves as well. Few internships could be more enriching than this one.

  2. I am also working with the Global Justice Academy since last several months, and the projects, which have been assigned to the interns, deals with significant aspects of law and provides a wide range of knowledge. In addition to research projects, interns have also been bolstered to participate in debates and discussions providing a great learning experience to them.
    So, it’s a very good internship opportunity to students belonging from various fields.

  3. Tanuj, I am interested in applying for this but the website is down and I would also like you to please do some background check and let us know of how authentic an internship this is. You are in a much better position than me to find this out, hence it is a request.

  4. I’m working with GLOBAL JUSTICE ACADEMY for almost 9 months now. The tasks given to the interns are so interesting which obviously broadens your thoughts. The projects are basically on human rights, and the knowledge provided by our mentor Mr. Singh is commendable. His experience of working with UN as a human rights monitor and educator in Rwanda and Former Yugoslavia, Legal Official with a Judge and Vice President of the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda gives us the best knowledge!

    They provide us with various opportunities to enhance our skills (national as well as international opportunities), debates and group discussions are initiated by the interns and mentors & the team understands if the tasks are not completed on time.


  5. This is not a fulfilling internship. The last time this was posted (the organization’s name was different), a large number of us were selected, and a large number of us dropped out. People were elevated randomly to meet the need for coordination of these large groups.

    Emails from the head were borderline abusive, there was very little meaningful direction on what we were working on, and work was not appreciated.

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