GLC SPIL Treaty Appreciation Competition 2015: Prizes Worth 52K

SPIL, GLC MumbaiThe Treaty Appreciation Competition is modeled on the procedures of various International bodies entrusted with the task of evaluating and appraising the legality, consistency and rationality of treaties, codifications and other legislative documents. The International body chosen for this edition of the Summit will be revealed on the date of the release of the Competition Module.

The Competition Module would comprise of legislation, an amendment to legislation or a codification in keeping with the theme of the Summit. Participants, representing various member states of the International body, are expected to launch an examination of the said Module, critique the propositions therein and recommend alterations, deletions or additions.

About TAC

The Treaty Appreciation competition has been modelled on the procedures of various bodies in the international sphere entrusted with the task of evaluating and appraising the legality, consistency and rationality of treaties, codifications or other legislative documents.

Participants are expected to launch an examination of the Competition Module presented to them,which will comprise a legislation, or a codification, or amendments to the aforementioned relevant to the theme of the Summit. The participants critique the proposition therein and recommend alteration, deletion or additions.

TAC aims at mobilizing a culture of innovation and problem solving. Previously, bodies such as the International Law Commission have been chosen as theforum to facilitate this competition.

The Competition Structure

The competition consists of two rounds: the first a Written Critique Round, and the second, the Oral Rounds. The Written Critique must be submitted to the organizers within the declared deadlines, while the Oral Rounds will take place during the course of the Summit itself. Please refer to the Summit Schedule for further details.

The Oral Rounds of Deliberation

The Oral Rounds will be chaired by Special Rapporteurs, who after a brief introduction of the subject in discussion, will preside over the sessions, which will proceed along the lines of the Agenda. This Agenda will be made available to the participants before the Summit. There will be an allocation of time for each item on the Agenda, which will be discussed over two sessions, spread out across two days during the Summit.


Best Team – Rs. 20,000

Runners- Up – Rs. 15,000

(To be decided on the basis of cumulative scores of the team for the Written Critique, as well as Oral Rounds)

Best Member – Rs. 10,000

(To be awarded on the basis of individual scores of participants during the Oral Rounds)

Best Critique – Rs. 7,000

(To be awarded solely on the basis of the score for the Written Critique)

Team Requirements

Each team will comprise of 2 Participants and will be assigned a country code or a team code,as the case may be, upon registration. The team may nominate one member for each item on the agenda.

Interchanging speaking roles are permitted only at the commencement of discussion on the next item on the agenda. For instance, Members A and B of the team, an assign speaking roles for themselves for different items on the agenda. Both will not be permitted to speak on the same item on the agenda.

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