International Law Summit-SPIL Judgment Deliberation Competition 2014: Register by Nov 1; Prizes Worth 52K

logo-spil-mumbaiThis competition brings a fresh approach to problem analysis and judgment deliberation. The Competition Module comprises of a case file with wide connotations. It invites varied interpretations that not only attract the application of established legal principles but also encourage innovative thinking based on legal analysis and rational thought. After a thorough investigation into the facts of the case and arguments presented, the participants must compile a judgment that is infallible in law and innovative in thought.

About JDC

A novel competition, the JDC has been inspired by the procedures of various judicial bodies and tribunals that span the spectrum of international law. JDC brings a fresh approach to problem analysis and judgment making, requiring participants to, upon analysis of facts presented and arguments advanced, arrive at a unique judgment that is infallible in law, rational in thought, and innovative in its essence.

The competition Module will comprise a case file of a wide connotation, such that it will invite varied interpretations that not only attract established legal principles, but also encourage thought innovation that is based on legal analysis and rational thinking. The aforementioned Module for the competition, will consist of a comprehensive set of facts discovered by the judicial authority, tribunal or court, as the case may be, arguments presented by both parties, any further evidences, if any, lead by them and so forth.

The Competition Structure

The competition consists of two rounds: the first a Written Judgment Round, and the second, the Oral Rounds. Written Submissions must be submitted to the organizers within the declared deadline, while the Oral Rounds will take place during the course of the Summit itself. Please refer to the Summit Schedule for further details.

The Oral Rounds of Deliberation

Each Round will comprise the following segments:

1. Judgment Presentation Round: Participants will be required to present their judgments.
2. Commenting Round: Participants are encouraged to make pertinent observations on the points made by their colleagues.
3. Conclusion Round: Participants are allowed an opportunity to summarize and make concluding statements.

Team Requirements

Each team will consist of One Participant Judge, and One Judicial Clerk. The Participant Judge will deliver the judgment, while the judicial clerk will merely assist. The roles of Judge and Judicial clerk are interchangeable; however this change may be affected only at commencement of the next stage of the competition. For example, if A is Participant Judge, and B is judicial clerk in Stage One, their roles may be reversed only upon the progression of their team to Stage Two.


Best Team – Rs.20,000
Runners Up -Rs. 15,000

(To be awarded on the basis of a cumulative score of Written Judgment and Oral Round)

Best Written Judgment -Rs. 10,000
2nd Best Written Judgment -Rs. 7,000

(To be awarded solely on the basis of the score for the Written Judgment)

Registration fee

The registration fee for Judgment Deliberation Competition 2015 is INR 2500 for all the invited Indian Universities/Colleges. Registration fee of USD 100 will be charged to all the Overseas Universities.

The same shall be submitted through a demand draft drawn in favor of “SPIL Government Law College Mumbai” payable at “Mumbai, India” should be submitted before 1st November, 2014 to the following address:

Aayush Raman
Students for the Promotion of International Law, Mumbai
Government Law College,
‘A’ Road, Churchgate,
Mumbai 400020
Maharshtra, India

Further information can be accessed in the Official Brochure HERE.

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