Getting Internships: [email protected] OR How an Internship = Relationship

The author is Nitin Gaurav Srivastava, from NLU Jodhpur- Batch of 2015 

As the vacation arrives, every law student is seen struggling with just two things

1) Getting a ticket from IRCTC to go back home
2) Arranging an internship for the semester break

IRCTC seems to be the only government body which is strictly against reservation in India while these law firms seem to be strictly against employment.

Even though they have a five storeyed office building, they will have the same reply every time, without fail -” We do not have space to accommodate any more interns .”

I actually feel like replying “Don’t worry ma’am, I really don’t mind sitting in your office toilet, just allow me.” (Once I even offered to carry Harpic Power plus along with my CV).

The matter does not end there. After humbly and politely shutting the door on your face they also rub salt into wounds by saying , “we wish you all the very best for your future endeavors”.

Excuse me, madam! If you continue behaving like this, my only future endeavor will be to beg for pennies instead of internships.

And I really want to know from where do these firms get such HR managers. The HR of the firm will act so pricey and important that you really start to aspire becoming an HR manager instead of a partner. Even your girlfriend will not expect you to call her as many times as they do.

Actually I realized that internships and relationships and are quite similar. Here’s how :

  • You apply for twenty places and if at all you get one, it is only after regular follow up.
  • You work your ass off but are never rewarded properly for it.
  • Mostly it is just time-pass, and only a few have future prospects.
  • At the end of it, all you get is- Experience.

But people do get internships. Apart from the quota reserved for members of placement cell and their friends, we still see people getting internships on their own.

There is however still a bleak chance of getting an internship during academic sessions, but then again, given the present scenario in college, you will have a job but no degree.

From others who get internships at various places I really want to know when they apply for it. Apply six months in advance and they say “we will revert back to you”.

And by the time you’ll think that you should remind them now, they are already houseful as if all of a sudden, they started screening Dhoom 3.

Imagine a trained driver or a home servant coming to your house and offering you service for a month, that too free of cost! Who on earth would say NO to that. Except, of course, if you don’t have a car. Or a house.

Even if you don’t have one, you will borrow your neighbor’s car for a month to avail this service. But don’t know by what logic these firms function. We are willing to work, but they don’t want us to help them.

Forget the Tier I firms, Even the firms like – Randomfirmfromnowhere and Associates- starts considering itself Amarchand and won’t even acknowledge your application.

Now if you please excuse me, I have to update my CV and send some more applications. For the period (Nov-Dec 2018).

[Note : The author is unemployed and will remain so for a long time].


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