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heather wallick, wallick global consulting, llm admissions, law school admissionsIf you haven’t heard about Heather Wallick yet, it won’t be long before you do!

Who is Heather Wallick?

Heather Wallick worked for Harvard Law School for twelve years, most recently as the Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid for the Graduate Program.

Before joining the Graduate Program at HLS, she worked as a lawyer and an Immigration Law Specialist focusing on the area of Business and Family Immigration.

During the course of her career, Heather has reviewed thousands of applications for admission, financial aid, and US visas. She is an expert in her field and enjoys helping students achieve their goals.  But that is just what her website says about her.

Through her company Wallick Global Consulting, Heather is providing end-to-end counseling solutions which include, among other services:

  • Vetting internship, publication and placement opportunities, analyzing university choices, and managing expectations and outcomes.
  • Support and feedback for developing a personal essay or research proposal in a more thorough and professional way.
  • Locating lesser known financial aid opportunities.
  • Immigration Planning and Pre-departure counseling.

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Coaching Model

Heather is a proponent of ethical coaching and believes that every individual has the  potential to excel if given the right direction and support. Her message to all students is “to work hard and aspire high.” For aspirants in the workforce, the challenges are somewhat different.  She says, “Work smart on the applications while working hard for your clients.”

Heather coaches from a subject matter no-bar model for mentoring. She believes that students should not seek “application assistance.”  Rather they should seek profile building with a coach that can mentor while in the earlier years of law school as well as guide him or her through the application process in later years.

She takes the time to ensure fundamental understanding of the application procedures and demands.  Moreover, she carefully explains how submissions will be viewed by readers and evaluators in the university admission team.  This is an area in which she can provide some firsthand insight from her time at Harvard.

“But keep in mind, there is no guarantee of admission,” she says.  “The only guarantee is that you surely will not get admitted if you do not apply.  If approached by any coaching or counseling group which guarantees admission?  Run, quickly, the other way!  They are most likely recruiting for a university that is well beneath your credentials.”


In the first year, Wallick Global Consulting achieved success with coaching students to top tier schools like Harvard, Colombia, Carnegie Mellon, MIT Sloan, UC Berkley, and Georgetown. She is careful to note that no university pays her to “recruit” students.  In fact, reputed universities may provide information sessions, but most of the elites do not recruit directly or work with agents – they already have more applicants than they need to fill their seats.

Experiences in India

wallick global consulting, llm admissions, law school admissionsHeather has already visited the crème de la crème of law universities in India.  Her heartfelt thanks go to the student and/or faculty organizers of her talks this year at NLSIU Bangalore, NALSAR, WBNUJS, RMNLU, Government Law College, MNLU, NUSRL Ranchi, GNLU, DSNLU, Symbiosis(Pune and Hyderabad), ILS Pune, OP Jindal Law School, Amity Law School (IP), and Christ University School of Law.

She looks forward to invitations to talk from any platform as she is very interested in supporting the growth and forward progress of India’s brightest law students.

Heather maintains an office in Noida, UP and when she is not in India, she enjoys living under the blue skies and wide open spaces of Texas, USA.  You can reach Wallick Global Consulting at or at +91 9312023913. 

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