Internship Experience @ Gagan Bajad Advocates, Indore: Helped me in deciding my future plans for my career


Divyansh Singh, Amity Law School Centre-II, Noida, 3rd Year

Name of the Organisation

Gagan Bajad Advocates, Indore

Duration of Internship

1st June 2015 to 30th June 2015

Application Process

I got internship here through my personal contact.

First Impression

The office is situated inside the premises of the High Court of Indore.

I was pretty nervous as it was my first internship and I was under the impression that there will be a very senior lawyer who will be a guide for my internship, but when I entered the office I was amazed to see that the office had only young lawyers and the senior lawyer had delegated the work to them.

My mentor and guide was Mr. Gagan Bajad. He is a very intelligent and a respected lawyer in the courts of Indore, although he is young but still he manages a team of 3 lawyers and has an amazing record in the city.

Main Tasks

As the High Court was on a summer vacation there wasn’t much work in the office other than some other cases that were going on in the Family court and district court.

I used to read the case files of various cases and understand them, also sir had told me to think out of the box for some points that would be beneficial for the cases.

I also had the work of maintaining the case diary and also re-arranged the case files in the office. I also accompanied sir to the courts for some cases which were going on at that time.


I enjoyed working over here and I also was able to learn various laws which were very much helpful to me in my studies. I accompanied sir to various cases which were going on at that time and I was able to learn various things from that experience.

The first case in which I accompanied was for divorce case on gong in the family court.

The court had a big hall and on one end the judge was sitting, the proceeding started and we were representing the husband, the proceeding was regarding the maintenance which the wife claimed from the husband but we pleaded that the wife was competent enough to earn money, the judge extended the dates in the end of the trial.

One of the another case in which I accompanied sir was a rape case in which we were representing the accused. The rape charges against the boy was framed by the girl’s family as the boy and the girl were in a relationship and when the family found about it they started beating the boy and in order to save him the girl burned herself.

In this trial we pleaded for the bail of the accused, and also pleaded that the dying declaration was a fake and was completely opposite of what the girl had said. Although we had very good arguments prepared, one of the witness did not appear and thus the date of the trail was shifted.


The work environment was very good and pleasant.

As all the lawyers working there were young so there was no tension between them and also they all had great compatibility with each other. Jokes and pranks were very common in the office thus working there was very much pleasant.

 Also my guide Mr. Gagan Bajad sir used to give lectures sometimes in office in the evening, regarding various laws such as law of evidence, Criminal Procedure Code, Civil procedure code etc. The lectures used to help the other lawyers in their cases and also helped me in understanding the laws.

Good Things

During my internship there, I was able to learn client interviewing skills, how to register new cases in the High Court as well as the District Court.

I was assigned various work and thus it helped in understanding the working of the courts and how a lawyer should present his/her points in the court of law.

I learned that how should a lawyer should prepare his/her cases and how difficult it is for one to go into litigation. My experience helped me in deciding my future plans for my career.

Bad Things

The only bad thing in the internship was my timing of internship. The courts go on Summer Vacation in the month of May and June, and re-open in mid-June.

The real court works starts when the court re-opens and then there is tons of work to be done, and I was able to witness it for only a brief period of time.

Although some courts are open and there is little work which is to be done, thus if one wants to intern they should better choose the month other than May and June for Summer Internship.

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